FlashMoto Support Community: Everyone is Invited to Participate!

MotoCMS Editorial 23 November, 2009

FlashMoto team has created a unique place – FlashMoto support community – where customers and developers may connect around the FlashMoto products. This community is based on Get Satisfaction, a third-party customer service app/community, that allows customers to offer feedback, make suggestions, get their questions answered, and generally get help with a product or service.


The system is very convenient and provides a great deal of opportunities. One of them is an online forum that facilitates product support for and by users. Users can post questions, ideas, problems, or conversations about a product. Other users can join in to answer, adding into the knowledge base. Each question can be tracked by email or RSS. As it was mentioned above, it is very handy, as it puts all of these conversations in one place and holds nothing back. It’s a good way to not just handle customer service, but to explore all the things about products and services FlashMoto offers to everybody.

FlashMoto support community was founded with the purpose to create open conversations where everyone can share their impressions about the product, express their thoughts and suggestions, and of course get fast and qualified help. While asking a new questions, you can: describe your issue at its fullest, add an image to it, tag it with the proper words to improve searching and even add feelings.

Here you may also let us know what you’d like to see in FlashMoto CMS. In the Feature Request section you may leave your suggestions concerning our product and its functionality that will definitely be taken into consideration while working on Flash CMS improvements. Share your view points by voting for the definite features and leaving comments to them.

Striving to bring the best personal experience to consumers around the word through its revolutionary Flash content management system, FlashMoto welcomes your feedbacks. Take advantage of a new feature recently added to FlashMoto website:

Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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