FlashMoto released a powerful Flash CMS

MotoCMS Editorial 4 November, 2009

Recently a new offer appeared at the CMS market – Flash content management system from FlashMoto company. Software provider claimed to have developed the most user-friendly and feature rich application for effective Flash website management. With its latest Beta release, FlashMoto Flash CMS got a very positive feedback from Flash developers, designers and website owners. So the final release of this software was considered to be even more promising and therefore, anticipated.

The list of advantages provided by FlashMoto CMS is rather impressive. It’s the first Flash CMS based on ActionScript 3 which enables to use Flash CS3, CS4 platforms and Flash Player 10 effects in website development. Besides, the system is based on templates – that expands CMS potential well beyond competitor’s possibilities. Impressive, huh? Stop waiting and buy FlashMoto CMS right now!

The released version, fixed and improved since Beta, allows users to maintain Flash websites without much time and effort expenditures. Simple navigation, friendly WYSIWYG environment with familiar to everyone drag-and-drop interface brings a really easy and comfortable workflow experience to users. Wide range of integrated widgets enables to build an attractive, interactive and eye-catching Flash website. Flash is the most fertile ground for implementing features and effects which can draw visitor’s attention immediately. And since the system enables to easily use and realize these benefits, it’s certainly a win – both for site owners and their web visitors.

Our Flash CMS gives a possibility to make Flash website multilingual. Now users can upload as many fonts as they want using Online Font Creator system. All media files can be stored in FlashMoto Media Library – as any other system component it’s very easy in handling and controlling. From now users can add an unlimited number of pages – this feature was never implemented in Flash CMS before.

Deep linking and well built architecture allows users to create a totally SEO-friendly Flash website. Search engines will find and index all web pages. It is an undoubted advantage in conditions of tough web competition in today Internet.

Besides a really powerful and innovative Flash CMS, FlashMoto offers gallery of Flash CMS templates for quick and easy website creation. Gallery includes professional design solutions for everyone. Design studios, business individuals, corporations, artists and web enthusiasts can find a suitable solution for their projects there.

This is a valuable release indeed. FlashMoto Flash CMS has all reasons to become an indispensable tool for professional and beginner developers. It requires no coding or deep programming knowledge. For everyone who plans to launch a Flash web project FlashMoto CMS is really worth paying attention to.

PLEASE NOTICE: Those who preordered the stand alone FlashMoto Flash CMS will receive the product tonight. The delivery will start after rush hours and take some time. Thank you for your patience.

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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