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FlashMoto Heading to Adobe Max 2009

MotoCMS Editorial 30 September, 2009

As everyone knows, Adobe Max 2009 – a 4-day conference – starts this Sunday, on the 4 th of October in Los Angeles, California. FlashMoto couldn’t miss this long-awaited event and decided to join the Flash community.

The excitement that accompanied us on our way to the conference exceeded the bounds. At long last we can meet the world’s most influential flash designers, developers and decision-makers and get acquainted with Adobe development team. Max 2009 gives an excellent opportunity to interact and network with this unique audience. Our primary goal is to spread FlashMoto concept, introduce our fresh released product and of course to get together with the company who knows what we are talking about. Heading to Adobe Max 2009 conference we also took 100 promo codes with a 50% Flashmoto stand-alone CMS purchase discount.

So, Demetrio Fortman is on his way to Los Angeles and will be glad to greet and shake hands with everyone who wishes. You may also add Demetrio to your Skype contact list, as he is going to be online during the whole conference.
skype: demetrio.fortman

All details, reviews and photo report are to follow!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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