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FlashMoto CMS Templates Released!

MotoCMS Editorial 6 October, 2009

As it was announced earlier, FlashMoto signed an agreement with TemplateMonster according to which TemplateMonster will create a separate web templates category – Flash CMS templates. The quality of the templates and creative approach should live up to your expectations.

Well, it’s enough to make guesses about the product. Finally FlashMoto CMS templates have been released! Now happy owners of FlashMoto CMS and those who are just planning to purchase it may enjoy a great variety of Flash CMS designs that have been created especially for FlashMoto. These Flash CMS templates correspond to the main web standards and can be easily integrated into FlashMoto CMS. The elaborate layouts, well matched colors, captivating animation and graphic effects, pleasant sound accompaniment – everything is skillfully combined in new Flash Moto CMS templates. At the moment these templates are available at Templatemonster’s website. But we try to release them at Flashmoto.com within the next few days.
And wait – very soon we are going to start a stand-alone Flash CMS preorder campaign!

Here are some of the examples of FlashMoto CMS templates.

Online Model Portfolio Template

Black contrasts well with bright colors and make the other colors stand out. That’s why black (or dark) background is perfect for online galleries of art or photography.

Flash Template for Design Studio

This website design is associated with elegance and mystery. It can be a perfect solution for designers and design studios.

Business Flash Template

This business flash template impresses by great variety of colors what creates a pleasant and lasting impression.

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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  • great product guys. Congrats all your team Demetrio! you have a great start.

  • great product. how i get start?

  • allan

    it’s really something. but I’m not sure if I can go with $243 per website.

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  • Great product! can’t wait to try it…

    a shopping cart would be awsome

  • I really like this cms and considering one of these templates for my site, though I would like to see a template with the video player, audio player integrated

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  • Difort

    Thank you for the interest in our product!

    @ frederico vaz: at the moment FlashMoto CMS + templatemonster’s template are available at Templatemonster.com. Follow this link to view the designs:
    http://www.templatemonster.com/flash-cms-templates.php . The price below each design stands for FlashMoto CMS + template.

    Within the next few days the product will be available at FlashMoto.com as well.

  • I have been practising all day with the beta version and absolutely love it.
    How would I upload the files to my web server once everyhting is finished.

    I realise it is probably not possible with the beta but there is no documentation to say how this would be achieved.


    John Dawson

  • Jaime Cruz

    For the first time in my long IT career I find myself lacking in words to describe how great I think this product is. I am amazed at how easy it is to edit a flash web site using this product. I can’t wait for the actual release of FlashMoto so I can purchase it and begin offering my clients Flash web sites.

    Great work by your team, they have created an outstanding product.

  • Wise1

    Not quite where it needs to be yet, I purchased one to see how it goes and its not. Cant get further than the fact it wont accept the fact I have changed all the permissions its asked, so wont even let me move forward. TM cant figure it out yet either. It’s just one file that has the issue. Will just need to wait and see but not a good start. Will update.

  • Difort

    @Wise1, can you please email your FTP information and detailed information as for this reason at [email protected] (or [email protected]) we will help ASAP.

  • Lee Wisener

    Thanks Difort, have sent you email, TM still cant figure it out.

  • Turanligil

    Hello, i hava a little Question.
    I tried the beta on your Website.

    My Question: When i added a gallery widget i can add images to the gallery, but only one after one.
    Isn’t it possible to add more pics at one time. For example i select 20 pics and add them to the gallery. Its very difficult to ad one pic after one when you habe 40 pics wich you want to have in the gallery…. ?


  • Kat

    Just to clarify: (1.) Can I use FlashMoto CMS to edit non-CMS templates, such as the dynamic-flash templates available on templatemonster.com? (2.) I understand you can use ithe program online as a web application – but can you also use it offine on your PC?

  • Wise1

    Well, so far not so good is all I can say. Having bought one of template monster templates with the flash moto built in it has been nothing but trouble.

    When installing it asks you to change permissions on some files and folders. It tells you all the files are in / or /xml when in fact some of the file or folders are in /admin.

    As an example it says make /fonts writeable but in fact you need to make /admin/fonts writeable. Then despite chaning all permissions it insists you have nto changed the permission on a file in /xml but you have!

    Only when I then changed the permissions on every file in the /xml folder did it work, so the installer must be showing the wrong file names that need changed.

    Once I figured all that out I then registered but it said there were errors saving the configuration, I managed to figure out the more permissions needed to be granted to files in the /admin/xml folder in order to get by that hurdle.

    Then finally it lets me in to edit the site. But the first button I clicked on was “preview website” where I found that having gained access to the control panel it has broken the website, the main animation on the front page does not work any more, and thats before I even touch anything.

    So the bottom line is that there is work to be done. I am not a novice and this was not simple user error, the instructions to setup are incorrect and I hope they get sorted quickly unless this was nothing more than poorly setup oackage at template monster.

    We will wait and see if other experiences come through on the same or other templates. Shame though, I built myself up to experience a fantastic new product and now feel like I have blown $250 of my hard earned cash on a mess, well I will be looking for a refund if nothing else.


  • Wise1

    Sorry, the above is slightly wrong, I meant it asks you to make /logs writeable when in fact its /admin/logs not fonts.

  • Wise1

    Dont want to sound like a disgruntled customer, but I am. No support being offered from Template Monster, nothing from Flash Moto. You would think with a new product their would be support readily available for bugs or issues like this. Just requested a refund for my template seeing as nobody is is even making the effort to fix it. Even a “we are working on it” email would do, but nothing.

  • ha

    ! awsome

  • Wise1

    What a saga, my patience has run out with Template Monster and Flash Moto, support is non existent despite being promised more by Flash Moto. I would not recomend purchasing any of these templates until they sort out the installation issues and write a proper installation guide. Bear in mind if you buy one of these templates there is no information whatsoever provided at this point telling you how to install it all, you need to guess.

    Then when you get it installed the installer itself tells you the wrong things to change.

    With a new product like this it should be heavily supported in the early days, instead there is little on offer and Template Monster staff have little clue either, I have spent near 2 hours in the last 48 on live chat and the rest awaiting ticket responses of which I have had 2 and the template still wont function properly.

    My reviews are not going to be favourable until they get this mess sorted out and provide a working installation.


  • Wise1

    Well I am pleased to say that having spent the last couple of hours playing around with my template that is now fixed properly I am very impressed as I would expect I was going to be.

    Let’s not forget that Flash Moto is not a magic wand for Flash. The creation of any flash site needs to be done in flash itself however once you have your design and transfer it to Flash moto then the editing and creation of many items such as image, pages and so on becomes a simple and effortless task.

    I have just done in 10 minutes what would have taken 30 in flash. It’s not even so much that some of the tasks are that difficult to complete in flash itself however consider that you need to open flash, make the changes, export the .fla, uplaod it again, wait fot the internet engines to realise you have uploaded a new file to see the changes and right away your sitting back wondering why have we been without this for so long.

    The starting point of this software is high, all the basic editing features are there and useable. In 6 months or a year I cant wait to see what is added to make this experience much more rewarding.

    So, overall well done to the team, however get the support right and make it consistent.

  • Kunos

    Hi, I’m having difficulty accessing the admin panel in order to change the content. I keep receiving a message that the Zend Optimizer needs to be installed on the web server. I have installed it but keep receiving the same message. Waiting for Template Help to assist, but if anyone has any possible solution please pass along.

    Best Regards,

  • Difort


    Thank you for the interest in our product! We greatly appreciate your feedbacks.
    For all technical and pre-order questions please contact us by e-mail: [email protected]
    We’ll respond to you as soon as possible.

  • @ Wise1

    So are you saying we should create the website in flash first? But the whole point of flashmoto is so we don’t have to do that…Are you saying flashmoto is useless for creating flash websites?

  • Well it has been almost a week and still can’t access my admin panel. Back and forth with support. Very frustrating.
    The product looks great but has anyone else experience difficulties in getting there sit to function properly?

    Best Regards,

  • Difort

    @ Kunos
    Most of our clients had no problems with FlashMoto CMS installation. But if some of them face with any issues, we try to solve them in the shortest terms. There are servers that need to change the settings, to set permissions correctly in order to make our CMS work properly. There are cases when PHP or Zend Optimizer are not installed.

    Thank you for your feedback. Please contact us at [email protected], we will resolve your problems.


  • Bobby

    @Kunos –

    I had the exact same problem with Zend. Took me some time. This is my first website I am doing myself, so not too familiar with a lot of the technical.
    I’m glad to say I’ve have my site up and working for a couple days now and I am really impressed.
    BUT it was not as smooth as I was hoping. For me the ultimate fix was taking advantage of the free web-hosting offer – no credit card needed.
    1. Double check web-hosting: Originally, it was a problem with my hosting company. They support php v.5, but the Zend only worked for php v.4. I was supposed to go in, create the php.ini file that got around the problem and install the Zend 3.3 on the web server –
    2. FTP settings: Upload the files to your web directory in binary mode – do not let your FTP auto determine. Zend reorganizes the data in the files and it makes them look different than are needed and changes some of them.

    Anyway – that worked for me.

    The install instructions need to be more detailed. Other than that, I am very happy with the program.

  • Bobby

    Re: Zend
    I just saw the last page of the install guide talks about binary (my apologies to FlashMoto if that was there last week when I read it: or if it was just added).
    Again, the #1 problem was the hosting company not having the requirements.

  • eduardo

    error while creating a responsse at remote server how can i fix it

  • The Zend Optimizer Problem is fixed with a php.ini.
    Now i can run the Setup, but at the last Step Flash Moto says “Error while saving path configuration.”
    What is the Problem?
    btw. sorry for my poor Engish, i’m German 🙂

  • Donny

    All I want is a rufund

  • John

    When will be the next template available? I’m looking for the professional business template like 26038 that I’ve already bought. Good job! Give us more templates to choose from. Great product.

  • Difort


    There are several business templates in production. Stay in touch!

  • Luciano


    Hi John. My best friend bought 26038 too. Can you help me? My email [email protected] (from Argentina)

    Thank you!

  • Hi Folks, i just bought flashmoto yesterday and now i have problems with the php.ini how can i solve the problem !?

    1. activated flashmoto
    2. copyed all files to webspace
    3. copyed zend
    4. created an php.ini using this lines from my webhost:

    5. it doesent work… getiing that code:

    Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: SAFE MODE Restriction in effect. The script whose uid is 1424575 is not allowed to access /var/tmp/ owned by uid 0 in /mnt/web2/53/97/52227297/htdocs/admin/config/ProjectConfig.php on line 0

    Fatal error: session_start() [function.session-start]: Failed to initialize storage module: files (path: ) in /mnt/web2/53/97/52227297/htdocs/admin/config/ProjectConfig.php on line 0

    can somebody help me !?

  • error while creating a responsse at remote server how can i fix it

    • Admin

      @ ninfa
      Please contact our Support Team at support [at] motocms.com. We will help you figure out the issue.

  • I managed to get one step further.

    Now the following error appears:
    error while saving path configuration flashmoto
    CMOD to 777, also tried 755

    I hope you can help me.


    • Admin

      @ Jean-Paul de Jonge
      Your issue has been passed on to our Support Team. They will get into it and contact you as soon as possible.

  • I have been trying to get my website together for over a week. When I submit a ticket it takes 24 or more hrs for a response. The cms guide is not easy to understand. When you are questioning to buy the template you are told its easy and ask us anytime for help. When you purchase it you can forget it. I am losing money everyday my site is not up. They know the return process is difficult. They must be bombarded with work. I am sure once I get it up and running it will be nice. But I wish I just spent the money on a web designer and avoided this hassle.

    So frustrated

    • Admin

      Hi Darbie,
      First of all thank you for your feedback. We have successfully resolved your ticket. We have installed the Zend Optimizer (as it was required) to your server and now your site and your Control panel are working normally. Check it please.
      We are terribly sorry it took us more than 24 hours to resolve the issue, even though the ticket was submitted on the weekend.
      Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

  • Steven


    After purchasing a motocms license i’m having difficulties setting it up under my STRATO hosting account. It keeps displaying that i do not have Zend Optimizer installed.
    I’ve had contact with strato, sending me instructions on how to get it working.
    Followed it, created php.ini files in all directories, and putting the ZendOptimizer.so under /zend/ in my root, but it won’t work. I’ve seen MotoCMS saying that it works on various hosts including STRATO so i hope support can help me resolve this issue quick cause i need to get it up and running ASAP.

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