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Meet New Revolutionary Flash Templates Categories from MotoCMS

MotoCMS Editorial 11 August, 2011

The world of IT doesn’t stand still. There are rumors in the air that Flash is a dying out technology. But there are also those people who think that Flash is still a very powerful tool with numerous advantages. Flash gives great opportunities for creating websites of an incredible beauty. Any other technology among those which are available for web developers can’t boast of such a success in a beautiful websites creation.

To confirm the place of honor of Flash among other techniques which are popular and preferable by millions of web masters, MotoCMS is glad to present you new categories of Flash CMS Templates. Both of them will definitely blow your mind and make you cry: “I love you Flash!”. So meet new revolutionary templates’ categories from MotoCMS:

  • Stretchable Templates;
  • Online Stores (Shops).

Stretchable Templates

The limited websites’ height is one of the main disadvantages which is usually imputed to Flash. But from now on this limitation is not a topical problem. We offer you a new type of Flash templates with a variable page height. Flash templates of this category allow you to decide by yourself how big your Flash page should be.

stretchable flash template

You can now stretch your website up to 2880 pixels. This space seems to be sufficient to place all necessary content on one page.

stretchable flash template

In case the selected page height is more than your screen can display at once a HTML scroller appears.. You can also manually choose a Flash scrollbar instead of the default one. This Flash scroller is easily customizable, so you can adjust the scrollbar speed, resize the scroll thumb according to the content height and change scrollbar colors.

stretchable flash template

Please pay your attention that only those Flash themes which are in the “Stretchable templates” category of our store can be resized. But if you are a web developer then using our Flash CMS you can easily create a Flash website with a variable page height. There is also a small mark on every Flash CMS template which will notify you that this theme is stretchable

stretchable flash template

Online Stores (Shops) Templates

Flash is often associated with entertainment websites and stylish portfolios. But it can be successfully used for creating websites of different subject areas. And now MotoCMS offers you to try Flash in online stores building. With our new online e-commerce Flash CMS templates all your business has left to do is to gain a success.

This type of templates is equipped with the Shopping Cart slot which will help you to arrange selling or renting of different products.

flash shopping template

Our control panel allows you to manage all shopping cart table labels, choose its color scheme and adjust the payment system options.

flash template store

All new online store templates contain the Grid Gallery module. It works as a catalogue of goods and services for shops and supermarkets, restaurants and cafes, hotels and different agencies.

online shop template flash

There are blocks for a short description and price. You can also have a good look at every item you like, read more about it and add it to the shopping cart. The list of chosen products can also be reviewed and changed.

We hope that this short review of our new templates’ categories will be useful for you. Stay in touch with us to be well informed about further Moto Flash CMS news. We do our best, so that you can go with the times with our Flash templates and Flash CMS. Our products are aimed at making your Flash website look great and be easy editable, so that everybody can try to be web developer and designer all rolled into one.

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