Improved and More Powerful: FlashMoto Version 1.2 Available

MotoCMS Editorial 6 July, 2010


It’s been a busy week here at FlashMoto! But it’s the kind of busy that just make us love what we do. You might have heard the Twitter rumors but now it’s the real deal. FlashMoto is super excited to release an improved version 1.2! Each FlashMoto customer will be able to download it just right away from the Flash CMS control panel. Moreover, everyone will be notified by e-mail.

We added some powerful new features to help you build amazing professional Flash websites and improve your experience working with the Flash CMS Website. You really should go and download version 1.2 now! If you still need convincing here is a quick look at the improvements.

Features List:

  • Control Panel Rebranding
    Users who need to customize the appearance of FlashMoto Control Panel to match the organization’s identity can use the Rebranding feature that allows you to remove all references concerning FlashMoto and replace FlashMoto logo with your own.
  • Under Construction Mode
    When your website is under maintenance, you may take advantage of the “Under Construction” mode that activates a placeholder web page. Under Construction page notifies visitors that your website is coming soon. It is easy editable via FlashMoto CMS: you may modify the page template and replace images with your own.
  • Website FavIcon
    FlashMoto version 1.2 provides an opportunity to set a favicon for your website via FlashMoto control panel. Favicon is an associated with a particular website icon, displayed in the browser’s address bar, next to the page’s title on the browser tab and next to the page’s name in a list of bookmarks.
  • Preload Assets
    FlashMoto developers have added an ability to pre-load images, MP3, FLV and SWF files during the website loading stage. That makes it possible to display images instantly while browsing a website, to get rid of extra progress bars, and to start background music just right after pre-loading.
  • Disable website sounds effects
    This option allows you to turn off different sound effects while the mouse arrow hovers over a specific spot or website element or during page transitions, etc.
  • Preview in the same window
    Now you have an ability to choose whether to preview your website in the same window or in a new one.
  • SEO: Sitemap
    FlashMoto provides an ability to generate an XML sitemap that helps ensure Search Engines discover pages on your Flash website.
  • Rich Content module with external source
    You have an ability to put the content of the Rich Content Module into a separate file, what reduces the website loading time and makes it possible to create a great number of pages.
  • Control Panel Interface updates and optimization
    FlashMoto control panel interface and functionality underwent some changes:
    – Pages and pop-ups presentation has been modified; a filter has been added for them.
    – Media Library optimization. Now it works much faster and image thumbnails are created automatically.
    – The Lock Object information is now stored.
    – General Control Panel Optimization.
  • Improved Media Player, MediaLoader and loaders with new resize options
    Some components were updated for more convenient and automated assets loading (image, video and SWF). The YouTube Player has also been updated. Now it works without using javascript code. Javascript use. The new methods of the image asset resizing have been added to loader components as well.
  • Objects Effects
    Now you have an ability to change the effects order for a particular object, hide or delete them. Moreover, you may also copy all effects of one object and apply them for another.
  • Modules DataProviders Management
    Now FlashMoto offers an opportunity to manage data providers for the following modules: Image Gallery, Info Module and Music Player. You may edit content just right from the module, re-assign, rename, duplicate or delete it.
  • Pages, Pop-ups, Website Properties
    Flash developers may create custom properties and implement them for pages, pop-ups and a whole website. There also has been added a sort order for pages what allows creating powerful presentations.

We hope you enjoy this update. Your comments and feedbacks are always welcome.
Read the Release Notes here.

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Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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