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7 Inspirational Facebook Lead Ads examples

MotoCMS Editorial 12 December, 2023

Looking for ways to boost your Facebook Lead Ads campaigns? Perhaps a little inspiration could help. In this article, we’ll review seven high-performing Facebook Lead Ads examples and a few recommendations to help you create ads that convert.

Facebook Lead Ads & Why You Need Them

Facebook Lead Ads is a tool that streamlines lead generation on Facebook. It simplifies the process of collecting user data right on the platform. Lead Ads campaigns can be optimized using a variety of formats, objectives, and placement. This flexibility allows you to refine your ads down to the smallest details for better optimization. What truly sets Facebook Lead Ads apart is how it collects lead data. Instead of navigating users to external landing pages, they are shown a pre-filled form containing their profile information. This makes it easier for users to respond to an ad and minimizes conversion friction.

Other benefits of Facebook Lead Ads include:

  • Improved conversion rates
  • A mobile-optimized approach
  • Access to Facebook’s massive audience
  • Quick form submission
  • Automated data management

Best Facebook Lead Ads Examples That Convert

As we review these successful Facebook Lead Generation ad examples, let’s explore ways to optimize your ads.

1. Limited Time Offer

Speaking of the best Facebook Lead Ad examples, limited-time offers are among the first that come to mind. Including them in your advertising strategy is a powerful method for attracting new customers. Timeless Asheville Photography uses this tactic to instill a sense of urgency. This encourages customers to take immediate action.

Facebook Lead Form Example


Source: Meta

While this ad uses a fixed-price strategy, the possibilities for limited-offer ads are boundless. The FOMO (fear of missing out) tactic can include coupon codes, discounts, and a myriad of other incentives. In addition to potentially leading to higher click rates, an ad featuring a limited-time offer allows you to maintain control over customer engagement.

2. “Contact Us” CTA

Interactive advertising presents an excellent opportunity for marketers to engage with consumers directly. This ad by Brittney Brown uses an interactive and conversational approach.

Facebook Lead Ads example

Source: Meta

The copy is minimal and on-point, while the Messenger CTA provides users with a seamless transition from the ad to a messaging conversation. This way, the ad eliminates navigation to a separate form and contributes to a frictionless user experience.

3. Seasonal Offers

Seasonal campaigns allow you to capitalize on the excitement by providing exclusive deals available only during that particular season.

Albertsons Market uses October’s pumpkin tradition to promote a season-appropriate offer. The visuals in this ad focus on classic Halloween elements like pumpkins and a candy bucket to deliver the message without needing to explain much in the copy.

Facebook Lead Ads examples


Source: Meta

Besides tapping into seasonal activities, this ad contains a promotion code to make the advertised supermarket the go-to location for Halloween shoppers.

4. Carousel Format Ad example

Statistics show that carousel ads outperform single-image ads offering enhanced visual engagement and interactivity. Wind Creek Event Center leverages the carousel format to promote a series of events in chronological order.

Direct Facebook Lead Ad example

Source: Meta

Instead of relying on a lengthy text, it grabs attention with a visually engaging series of event posters. The dynamic presentation allows users to scroll through the list. Interested individuals can respond to the call-to-action with a simple click, which also helps boost the campaign’s overall impact.

5. Facebook Lead Form Example

When it comes to Facebook Lead Ads examples, they always have something in common; offering value. This compelling ad from Wealth Factory presents a list of IRS-related benefits. It strategically attracts users with a free PDF as a lead magnet in return for their contact info.

Facebook Lead Form Example

Source: Meta

The streamlined signup process requires only a user’s name and email. When a user clicks download, a lead form is already prepopulated with their info and ready for submission.

Carousel Format Ad example

6. Using Everyday Topics

This ad features an “everyday topic,” DailyOm connects with its audience by driving traffic to an article on parenting methods—a widely sought-after subject. It combines a compelling image with a concise copy that captures the attention of individuals seeking to enhance their parenting techniques.

Seasonal Offers

This Facebook Lead Form example resonates with the audience and encourages immediate engagement.

7. Direct Facebook Lead Ad Example

The best Facebook lead generation ad examples use the most basic (yet effective) approach: solving day-to-day problems. In this ad, Safe Electric Ohio presents its services using a direct copy and a minimal visual about what they do.

Contact Us CTA

Source: Meta

This straightforward and clear message helps break through the noise and makes sure the audience grasps the ad’s essence.

Best Practices to Optimize Facebook Lead Ads

So far, we’ve talked about Facebook lead generation ad examples and some strategies. But how to maximize your ad’s impact? Optimization is key. Here are some best practices to follow for effective Facebook Ad optimization.

Set Clear Goals

Define your objectives specifically. It could be boosting brand awareness, generating leads, or driving sales. Whatever it may be, your audiences’ needs are different at each stage. Every ad objective calls for a unique strategy in order to build a focused and successful campaign.

Granular Audience Targeting

The more detailed your audience targeting, the higher the quality of your leads. Facebook offers diverse targeting options based on interests, demographics, and behaviors to reach the right audience. This includes Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences.

To leverage this feature, however, you’ll need to sync data from your CRM (or other databases) to Facebook. Tools like LeadsBridge provide automated data bridges that let you create this connection while running the entire data management process on autopilot.

Engaging Ad Creatives

Modern audiences respond to visually appealing, high-quality ad content. Next, the copy should include a concise, persuasive description of your offering and a clear call to action. Best ads value and solutions rather than relying solely on sales pitches. Remember, your ads should also adhere to Meta’s advertising standards.

Monitoring Ad Frequency

Seeing an ad too many times leads to ad fatigue. You can avoid this by keeping track of how often your ad is shown to the same audience group. Facebook lets advertisers check the delivery status and manage their campaigns’ frequency.

Testing and Iterating

Experimenting with different ad formats, targeting options, visuals, and copy allows you to identify what resonates best with your audience. You should always measure campaign performance and optimize variables accordingly. One of the best ways to do this is by running A/B tests.

Implementing Automation via LeadsBridge

After generating leads with Facebook Lead Ads, you’ll need to manage them efficiently. Manual lead data management doesn’t stand a chance in contrast to today’s highly sophisticated marketing systems. So, your next best option is automating the process.

As an official Meta partner, LeadsBridge streamlines data transfer between your favorite marketing tools and Facebook. These automated data bridges maximize the potential of Facebook Lead Ads for your business. All while creating a consolidated marketing stack that connects every corner of your online marketing.

Using these integrations, you can:

  • Automate the transfer of lead data to your CRM in real time. This allows you to run effective nurturing by timely follow-ups or tracking your customers through their journey.
  • Receive real-time notifications right in your inbox. LeadsBridge offers a free Email receipt feature that notifies you about incoming leads so you can stop them from falling through the cracks.
  • Connect leading Lead Ads to your autoresponder platform for automated lead nurturing emails.
  • Use automation to create and track custom deals for leads as a powerful technique to boost conversion rates.

Where to get started? Sign up here for free and begin automating your workflows. 


Facebook advertising calls for hands-on experimentation and exploring different methods to see what works best for your business. You can optimize your Facebook Lead Ads by drawing inspiration from the above examples. However, you should always stay aligned with your business’s unique objectives.

Beyond the Lead Ads’ technicalities, you’ll need to use third-party tools to get ahead of your marketing game. Integrating your preferred CRM or Autoresponders with Facebook helps elevate your campaign’s impact in ways manual processing can never do. Using LeadsBridge integrations, you can automate processes and extract the utmost value from your Facebook Lead Ads efforts.

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