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Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns for Law Firms & Attorneys

MotoCMS Editorial 6 October, 2022

As an attorney or law firm, you’re likely aware of the importance of communication within the practice of law. Effective communication is critical to any successful organization, whether internal with your staff or external with your clients and customers. Many don’t realize the potential of email marketing when it comes to effective communication for law firms and attorneys. While free internet traffic via Google may seem attractive, an email campaign can be more valuable because it can produce results when no one is looking. That is why email marketing is growing in popularity. This article will look at targeted email marketing campaigns, that law firms and attorneys can execute to bring in more customers and leads.

Need for Law Firms and Attorneys to Execute Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns could effectively allow law firms to reach new clients and retain existing customers. Research shows that the average conversion rate for a law firm’s email marketing campaign is 4.5%. But the question is, how to attract customers’ attention? because many people are now using their mobile devices to access their emails. In that case, designing an attractive template is one way to help you pique your audience’s interest.

Optimizing from mobile is important because more than half of the traffic comes through mobiles and tablets. Also, the design you come up with might determine whether or not your email will be opened.

6 Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns for Law Firms & Attorneys

Introductory Campaign

law firm introductory campaign

The introductory campaign is law firms’ and attorneys’ most crucial email marketing campaign. This is where you introduce yourself, your practice area, and your firm. Introductory campaign emails aim to build a relationship with your audience, so they will remember who you are when you have an opportunity to pitch them your services. Your introductory campaign should consist of three emails:

A Welcome Email

The welcome email introduces yourself or senior staff members from your firm. Include a link to your firm’s website and a CTA to schedule an appointment. This can also include a personal note from someone in the firm if appropriate.

Thank You Email

This is where you thank them for signing up for your list, tell them what’s next, and let them know when they can expect to hear from you again (for example, once every 5 days). You might want to include an offer for a free consultation, eBook, or blog post series that helps answer some of their most common questions about how you practice law or deliver legal services.

A Feedback Email

A feedback email seeks to know how the person learned about your firm. Ask them if they’d like to participate in a survey that’ll help you serve them better. Ask them if they would be willing to participate in future surveys related to their experience with attorneys in your field or in general. This information will help you learn more about the motivations behind people signing up for your email.

Lead Nurturing Campaign

The Lead Nurturing Campaign is designed to help you get your law firm’s name in front of potential clients interested in your services. The Lead Nurturing Campaign is an email campaign that can be sent to:

  • People who have visited your website;
  • Those who have requested information from your firm;
  • Those who have signed up for a newsletter or other subscription from your law firm

Law firms and attorneys often use this email marketing campaign to create relationships and generate repeat business. This campaign aims to keep someone engaged with the brand so they return and avail of the service later. People are often not ready immediately, but they may need more information before deciding. Your job is to provide them with information that helps them make this decision.

A lead nurturing campaign at its most basic level involves sending five to ten emails over time. Some of these emails will have offers or calls to action that prompt recipients to convert and avail of your service, while others will be informational updates on your business or industry.

Customer Reactivation Campaign

Customer Reactivation Campaign

The Customer Reactivation Campaign is a great way to rejuvenate your contacts that have gone dormant. This campaign aims to reach out to past clients and encourage them to come back into the fold by offering them special offers or discounts. You should target your customer reactivation emails based on the person’s buying habits, interests, and needs. Some examples include:

  • A client who hasn’t availed service from you in 6 months;
  • Those who availed of service once but have never again;
  • A client who has availed of the service in the past but not recently;
  • An inactive client who has not opened any of your emails since they last availed the service from you;

This can be very effective, especially in a niche like law, where competition is high and people often move from firm to firm.

Recommendation and Referral Campaign

A recommendation and referral campaign is a great way to encourage your existing clients to refer you to their friends and family. This campaign should be used with an offer that benefits both the referring party and the people they refer. A well-designed recommendation and referral campaign can significantly impact your firm’s bottom line. It will also help you build better relationships with your clients by rewarding them for their loyalty.

Here are some ideas for running an effective recommendation and referral program.

Asking for Recommendation/Testimonial

Ask past clients if they would recommend their lawyer or firm. If they say “yes,” ask if they would be willing to write a testimonial about their experience working with you. If so, ask them for permission to use their name and testimonial in an email campaign that you send out to other clients and prospects.

Having testimonials helps build trust with new prospects because they’ll see that others have worked with you and were happy with the results. Also, people love to see themselves being featured, which will prompt them to make further recommendations.

Offer Rewards for Referrals

Offering referral rewards is a great way to incentivize people to spread the word about your firm. The most apparent type of reward is financial compensation, either cash or gift cards. However, you could also offer discounts on future services, complimentary items like t-shirts or coffee mugs, and coupons for future services.

A Newsletter Campaign

A newsletter Campaign

Newsletters can also be used as a direct response vehicle for generating leads. Law firms or attorneys can send periodic updates on what’s happening in the legal industry, along with special offers or coupons to encourage them to contact you with questions or requests for further information. Some firms use a monthly newsletter as their primary method for communicating directly with existing clients and prospects. These newsletters include articles about specific practice areas, such as divorce, accidents, or bankruptcy, and general tips on handling legal issues.

The goal is to keep recipients informed and boost their confidence in the attorney’s ability to handle their specific type of legal issue should they need further representation. For example, a auto accident lawyer can create a newsletter with helpful tips on how to recover damages after being injured in an accident. The newsletter should be sent out at least once a month and include information on handling insurance companies, getting medical treatment, and filing claims against them. Similarly, a divorce mediation firm can send a newsletter to their audience with useful information about using a mediator for their divorce process.

divorce mediation firm

The Blog Subscription Campaign

The Blog Subscription Campaign

The blog subscription campaign is one of the most successful email marketing campaigns that a law firm or attorney can use. This is because it allows you to create an email list of people who have shown an interest in your brand by signing up for your blog. The key to a successful blog subscription campaign is sending these subscribers targeted content that gives them value. The goal should be to get your readers to return to your website, purchase, or contact you with a legal matter.

Here are some tips for setting up a successful blog subscription campaign:

  1. Send an email with a link to sign up for your blog. The subject line should be “Sign up for our blog and receive weekly updates on [legal topic].” Ensure you briefly describe what subscribers will receive when they sign up for your blog.
  2. Give your subscribers multiple options for subscribing to your blog. You can include an opt-in form at the bottom of each post or create an autoresponder series where you send weekly or monthly emails containing links to subscribe to your blog (and include valuable information).
  3. Use analytics software like Google Analytics or MailChimp’s built-in reporting feature to monitor how many people sign up through your emails (and how many don’t).

Tips for Effective Email Marketing Campaigns for Law Firms and Attorneys

Here are some suggestions for creating targeted email campaigns for attorneys:

  1. Make sure your email marketing provider has robust analytics. This allows you to monitor the success of each campaign and make adjustments as needed.
  2. Create a list of clients based on their location, practice area, age, gender, or other helpful criteria.
  3. Create a template with your logo and contact information on the top of each message. This makes it easier for recipients to identify who sent them the email.
  4.  Include links to relevant articles or resources in each message. These links may lead back to your website, so ensure they’re relevant and helpful for the reader.
  5. Use a clear subject line that reflects the content of each email. This will help increase open rates and engagement among readers who want more information about what’s being offered in each newsletter before they even open the message.

Email Marketing Campaigns for Law Firms & Attorneys – Wrapping Up

Email marketing can be a precious tool for attorneys and law firms. It has helped to cut down on the number of email inquiries received by clients and increase brand awareness for many high-profile brands. You don’t necessarily need a dedicated email marketing list in most cases to run effective campaigns. However, having a decent list of contacts is essential when introducing new services to your clientele.

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