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Who Said Flash isn’t Good for e-Commerce Design!?

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MotoCMS Editorial 17 May, 2010

The end of April was marked by another wave of polemics and heated disputes around Flash. This controversy has been primarily caused by “Thoughts on Flash” by Steve Jobs. And again Flash supporters defend this technology praising its advantages and possibilities, whereas their opponents find more and more its weak points.

People tend to associate Flash content with two things: video and games. But it’s far from being right, as Flash has a great potential and provides a bunch of opportunities to create appealing portfolios, commercial and promotional websites, educational websites and even online stores. And today we want to focus your attention on e-Commerce websites based on Flash.

Who said that Flash is inappropriate for online shops?! We will prove you the opposite by selecting the most striking and powerful Flash e-Commerce designs.

* * *
The Wrangler Collection

Blue Bell, a company remarkable for manufacturing quality denim, launched a creative Flash website for the Wrangler brand. The website tells a story in three chapters about the Wrangler Spring/Summer 2010 Collection.

* * *

Lacoste, one of the most popular trademaks, also made its choice for benefit of Flash. The website is bright and vivid, dynamic and interactive.

* * *

NikedID is a project of Nike aimed towards those who want to customize their look and performance. You may also browse different Men’s and Women’s Collections by choosing the specific category. The website is well thought out and impresses by its sleek functionality.

* * *

Valentino website speaks for itself: striking, passionate and laconic.

* * *
Blood Stream

Here is the Blood Steam’s website that impresses with its 3D concertina background.

* * *
Laudi Vidni

This website belongs to two popular handbag designers, Grace Tsao-Wu and Laura Kofoid, and their brand – Laudi Vidni. The website is created in calm dark colors where white is used as an accent color.

* * *
Dripping in Fat

Drippinginfat’s website impresses by its creative navigation menu and stylish original look.

* * *
1020 Trickery Lane

The website is done in a very extraordinary way. There are no usual product categories and navigation, etc. While browsing this website you face with different situations and click on any item you like for more details or purchase.

* * *

Here is the website of Prada, famouse Itallian corporation. Striking images, attractive photo galleries, convenient navigation – these are the key features that distingush this website from the range of others.

* * *

Here is a website of global bag manufacturer Crumpler. Its visual look is based on a Japanese vending machine design.

* * *

Here is another website for Wrangler Collection (Brazilian version).

* * *

Energie online store is remarkable for its sociality. On the Home page you can see different social networks icons, as well as their facebook friends.

* * *
Storyville Coffee

This interactive experience brings together a new way to discover pleasant music and purchase the best coffee in the world.

* * *

It’s a Korean online shop that features different products in the unusual creative way.

* * *

Canv-as is an innovative poster shopping website, where you can interactively create your own unique customized posters that express your lifestyle and leave your expectations.

* * *
Converse.com, the brand shoe company.

* * *

Levi’s website is remarkable for a stunning photo gallery. Amazing high quality photography, flawless functionality – everything speaks for itself and creates a professional web presence worth your attention.

* * *

* * *

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Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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