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Choosing A Color Scheme For Your Website: Easy Tips

MotoCMS Editorial 8 April, 2014

Choosing Color Scheme for Your Website

Color psychology plays a huge role when it comes to website marketing as well as attracting and retaining the audience that you want. Color has the potential to change and influence people’s perceptions of your product and service. A great example here would be Coke’s liberal use of the color red. When I mention this, I’m sure that most readers get images of the red Coke can and bottle, and possibly some excitement attached to the product. Choosing colors for your website is thus a great way to elicit certain reactions and get people to purchase goods or services.

We all have different preferences when it comes to color. However, there are universal color constructs which apply to the whole of humanity, regardless of race or background.

Let’s take a look at a few:

White is considered as a pure color symbolizing purity, innocence, a new beginning or neutrality. Use white if you have a bridal business website and are looking to attract brides-to-be. Additionally, white can be used for services which promote medical services or those that are in the beauty industry. If, for example, you have a doctor’s practice specializing in esthetic plastic surgery, you may want to use white liberally within your website. Women wanting plastic surgery are usually looking for a transformation in the way they look, making white a perfect visual cue.

The color Black is associated with power, seriousness, somberness, responsibility and mystery. This would make a great color for gaming websites or those that deal in business-related aspects such as investing. Additionally, black may be ideal for a website offering funeral services and the sale of caskets. A creative use of the color black would be to include it into websites which target children but are accessed by their parents. This would make parents be more open to purchasing a toy or booking tickets to an amusement park if they access an all-black website. In the end, black gives an allure of trust and can bring forth images in a superimposed fashion, highlighting the same thing that you want to sell to a prospective customer.

Pink is associated with playfulness, femininity, youth, spring and energy. Pink and splashes of white would be a great color scheme for websites targeting teenagers. This is especially true for young girls who are coming into their own and are looking for some kind of identity. An ecommerce store using pink can foster loyalty, thus increasing its turnover with time. What’s great about using pink is that the target group that you want to influence is also big on peer pressure, meaning that it’s very possible to establish a cult-like following if you use this color judiciously.

Blue is associated with royalty, trust, loyalty and professionalism. This color is great for corporate websites because it appropriately communicates what a brand really is about, as well as the business culture and tradition. If you want to use blue for your business website, ensure that it’s a dark shade of blue or a royal blue. Light blue, on the other hand, is ideal for websites that want to display a burst of energy and optimism without overwhelming your visitors. Temper your choice of blue with white to create an even balance. This will also make it that much easier for people to read the text on your website.

There are lots of other colors that we can cover, but the idea here is that color can have a huge impact on your target market. To this end, it’s important to choose your website colors carefully.

Here are a few tips to help you integrate color in a more effective way:

  • You can choose different hues of your desired color to give to add more depth and contrast. This will also make it easy on a person’s eyes. This is especially true for colors such as green and blue.
  • Pay attention to your website text and make sure that it’s visible. Do not use light colored font on a dark background as it’ll lead to eye strain, which effectively means that you’ll lose website visitors given the fact that they’ll find it hard to focus on your message and text.
  • You can use a singular color for your call-to-action button or text. Colors such as red and green for a call-to-action button will influence behavior by enticing people to carry out an action, leading to an increase in conversion rates.

Color psychology can make or break your website, so make sure to choose wisely.

Here’s a selection of great MotoCMS website templates that show clever and impactful use of color:

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