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Build Sales on Instagram – 3 Essential Steps to Take

Charlie Harrison 6 June, 2022

Nowadays, Instagram provides the most powerful stream of customer traffic for most types of businesses, and it is a great channel for communicating with potential clients. As soon as you start to promote your business on social networks, a community of people loyal to your business starts to form around your brand. As a result, the account turns into a valuable asset that is easy to scale, and the social capital can be constantly monetized. In this article, we will consider how to competently build sales on Instagram, which tools can increase the number of leads, and which will help to automate the generation of income.

How to Prepare a Profile for Receiving Traffic?

One of the most important factors in making a deal is trust. When people interact with your profile for the first time, the level of loyalty is very weak, especially if they found you through advertising and not by recommendation. Moreover, people don’t come to Instagram purposefully for shopping, but to chat or dive into the feed of aesthetic pictures. To attract and retain the attention of a new audience, it is important to effectively package your profile.

The main mistake many entrepreneurs make is that they sell to people who are not ready to buy at the moment. Nowadays, people decide to buy more consciously and it is very difficult to manipulate them with discounts and special offers. Therefore, the method of aggressive sales is very expensive and ineffective.

Communication with Customers as a Way to Build Sales on Instagram

Now it is needed to build communication with potential clients and give them a benefit first. If you just start to promote, a great way to set a connection with your audience is to write a post acquaintance, where you tell who you are, what you do, how you can change people’s lives, and how your business looks from the inside, etc. This way you show that your business is a project, people can trust with their money in exchange for a certain product or service. Then it is important to publish success stories and testimonials, to show how people’s lives change after they interact with your product. Reviews are a powerful sales tool that is fully consistent with the concept of social networks: you don’t tell people about your business, but other people share their opinions on what you have helped them and how you have improved their lives.

After you have generated several introductory posts, you can publish 1-2 selling posts, which specifically offer people to buy your product or service. In this situation, selling posts will bring a good return because people are already familiar with you and the sale will look natural.

To properly organize the work, it is recommended to draw up a varied content plan for the month ahead. In posts, it is important not only to emphasize your expertise, but to dilute it with useful content, your thoughts, and insights, and show yourself as a multifaceted personality. You need to approach content generation consciously, and each of your posts should perform a specific task.

How to Increase Sales Conversion with a Lead Magnet?

As competition grows, it becomes more difficult to convert traffic into leads. So, to increase conversion, in addition to content marketing, sales funnels are used. Their main principle is to introduce people to a company or product at the first contact, to benefit a potential buyer, to build his confidence, and aim for long-term cooperation. Within the sales funnel, this function is performed by lead magnets, useful free materials that are provided in exchange for contact information. A lead magnet can be an instruction, a checklist, a manual, an e-book, a case study, or a video lesson.

The lead magnet should cover a narrow topic and provide a solution to a specific problem. It is the first acquaintance of the client with you, so it should leave a pleasant impression. Make the lead magnet easy to understand, concise, attractive design, and an engaging title. It is important to demonstrate your expertise, depth of knowledge, and experience so that the potential customer will trust you and want to interact with your brand further.

For example, a quality lead magnet is a webinar that shares the benefits, reveals the instructors’ expertise, and sells a paid product. The goal of a lead magnet is to build a long-term relationship with potential clients and move them further down the sales funnel. That’s why it’s worth mentioning your paid offer at the end of the material, which will bring even more value.

Build Sales on Instagram – How to Automate and Scale Sales?

We live in a time when success determines speed. That’s why entrepreneurs want to spend less time and effort on routine activities and automate most of the processes. Now, many people delegate the recruitment of the initial audience to professionals and buy real Instagram likes, comments, views, etc. With chatbots, you can automate communication with potential clients and scale sales. It is a program for automatic responses to your client’s messages, set up according to a specific script and templates.

The bot operates 24/7, so it creates the feeling that the business is always in touch, and customers get an instant response to their requests, which increases audience retention and loyalty. This tool provides comfortable conditions for interaction with the brand. With the help of a chatbot, the buyer can get all the information he is interested in, without the need to visit additional sites or look for contacts. The bot independently reveals the needs of customers, makes up-selling, collects a relevant subscriber base, provides direct sales, effective marketing campaigns, etc. Thus, communication with each client is individual and this ensures maximum efficiency of interaction.

Ways to Build Sales on Instagram – Final Points

To sum up, Instagram is a strategy for the long term, where you can increase your influence from year to year and raise the number of people who will be loyal to your business, leaving your competitors far behind. At the initial stage, the most important thing is to build relationships with your potential customers, collect feedback, and see what they like and what tactics need to be corrected. Do not fall into the trap of perfectionism, the winner is not the one who has everything perfect, but the one who knows how to communicate with the market and gives the right product.

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