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MotoCMS Editorial 14 October, 2015

TED conference is a real gift for everyone who needs a dash of new ideas every day. What can be more inspiring than having a great talk from an exceptional personality! TED (stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design) provides “ideas worth spreading” since early 1980s. Every year its conferences gather cool, passionate, inspirational, weird, funny and unique stories and presentations from the people who have something to share with the world.

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In this post we have collected some of the most catchy and inspirational stories that can be useful for web designers as well as for any personality. These best TED talks 2015 can boost your creativity and take your ideas on web design and Internet to the new level. Each talk lasts less than 25 minutes, so you can watch them all at a time, or save for later and enjoy during the coffee-break.

Daniele Quercia: Happy Maps

Usability is one of the greatest things today in design process. But what if we shift the focus a little from usability to emotional UX? In his talk Daniele Quercia dives into the usability of map apps that can not just get you the shortest path to your destination but the happiest or the most beautiful one.

Shimpei Takahashi: Play This Game to Come Up with Original Ideas

Amazing how silly childish game can burst your creative thinking and help you in making something new, unique and totally different. Shimpei Takahashi, toy designer, talks about the way of boosting your creative thinking with the use of simple “Words” game.

Tony Fadell: The First Secret of Design Is … Noticing

Tony Fadell, the man behind iPod, talks about the way our minds get used to everyday things and don’t notice many opportunities those things still have. If we look broader we can make everyday things better, easier to use. The same is for designers and UX specialists. This inspiring talk can improve the way you see things and teach you how to notice new around you everyday.

Chip Kidd: The Art of First Impressions – In Design and Life

Can’t you really judge a book by its cover? Yes, you can! Chip Kidd, a graphic designer, talks about his experience in book covers creation. How the cover of the book can become a small hint to the book’s content and how you can make people eager to read the book just from a glance to its cover. It’s a very useful info for web designers: creating a design that speaks about its content.

Dustin Yellin: A Journey Through the Mind of an aArtist

An artist mind can be a real puzzle. It is always full of new ideas and unusual projects that just wait to break out and strike people around with brilliant showcases. Dustin Yellin talks about his way of creating stunning presentations and works of art with everyday things.

Bill Gross: The Single Biggest Reason Why Startups Succeed

Startups are popping out everyday. Some of them will succeed while most will fail and fall into oblivion. Bill Gross has created and incubated hundreds of startups and definitely has its own look at the process of creation of a new project and its development. Analyzing many companies, their success and, what’s more important, their failures, he highlighted a few factors that impact projects and can play a huge part in their rising.

Scott Dinsmore: How to Find Work You Love

Scott Dinsmore talks about how finding the right job that can make you happy. And you can trust him – he quit a position that depressed him and found an opportunity to do what he really likes. Four years of wondering became four years of finding meaning in life for him.

Bel Pesce: 5 Ways to Kill Your Dreams

A cool demotivating title and a really motivating and inspiring talk from Bel Pesce on what to avoid if you wish to ever succeed and make your dreams come true. Really myth-busting presentation that clears other people way to their desires.

Hope these small videos brought you some inspiration. If you have other cool ideas about TED talk videos – share them in comments.

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