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3 Best Messenger Apps: Telegram vs. Viber vs. WhatsApp [Free Infographic]

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MotoCMS Editorial 14 July, 2017

Messenger apps - main image

Smartphones are now far beyond phone calls. In your pocket, you have a computer that is a thousand times more powerful than the systems that maintained the human Moon spaceflight programs half a century ago. How cool is that?

One more fascinating fact is the recent stats showed that overall mobile traffic is expected to grow seven times up to 2021. The reason is pretty obvious. You handy device is capable of doing almost everything on the Web. The developers of messenger apps realized that a long time ago and got mobile users addicted to instant messaging. Then one thing led to another…

An average free messenger app is not just about chatting, but taking advantage of voice and video calling, sharing and storing data, reading newsletters of top media and even creating bot payments for accepting money online.

There is a lot of messenger apps for mobile phones to choose from: SnapChat, Facebook Messenger, Signal, WeChat and much more. This segment of the technological market is becoming one of the most massive and competitive. Probably, right now there is one more messaging platform that is about to born, while you are reading this post.

How to choose the best solution in this variety? The answer is the rule of thumb. To discover the functionality of any messenger in full scale, you should test it by yourself. We recommend you to start with the three rival apps – Telegram, Viber and WhatsApp.

We included each of them to our free infographic to inspire you on finding the best messenger app for your personal goals. Wish you to receive only positive messages in your life! Have fun!

Messenger apps - free infographic

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Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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