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Streamline Your Workflow with These 10 Graphic Design Tools

Jenn Pereira 27 April, 2023

Graphic design is all around. It is on printed materials, such as books, newspapers, and magazines. You can also see it digitally, like on websites, blogs, and social media. Its purpose also varies as designs are meant to inform, sell products, promote a concept, and share perceptions, among many others. However, more than these purposes, a design is also effective at growing businesses. This is why as a business owner, you need to be aware of the different graphic design tools to optimize your workflow and maximize the benefits that they bring to your organization.

Understanding the impact of stunning visuals is necessary if you want to build a positive business identity, project a sense of uniqueness, attract more leads, and grow your business exponentially. In this post, you will learn what graphic design is and why it is important, as well as discover the best graphic design tools that will allow you to streamline your design production process.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is the creative process when you create a piece of visual information in both a professional and artistic way. It also means visual communication or communication design. A designer creates various memorable graphic design pieces through different techniques and skills. Graphic design creation typically involves arranging various design elements. The layout and final output will depend on the type of media being created, like posters, logos, or websites.

Graphic Design

What is unique about graphic design compared to plain art is that it aims to create a visual representation of information, ideas, or concepts specifically for a target audience. This is the reason why most graphic designs are found in marketing materials. Business promotion becomes more effective when the consumers are presented with visually arresting graphics. Graphic design also promotes a more effective method of communication where organizations can express the brand message clearly to the audience.

We can define graphic design as an art with a purpose. It is created systematically so that a visual solution is produced to address specific problems. Businesses, for example, have to convey their messages. Instead of just using text, graphic design provides a more engaging, entertaining, and persuasive way to communicate a message.

Why Is Graphic Design Important?

In the modern competitive business environment, businesses must explore their creative options to create stunning marketing materials. With graphic design, you can make impressive brochures, leaflets, websites, social media posts, business cards, and more. To be specific, graphic design can:

Help Build a Strong First Impression

People’s first impression of your brand is formed at a glance. What they see first about your brand will make or break their impression of you. You must ensure that all graphics you create, whether for your social media pages, website, or business card, look professional and impressive. With a well-crafted graphic design, you will create a positive and long-lasting impression that will set the right tone for a lasting business relationship.

Allow You to Create a Strong Identity

A strong logo has to be both attractive and memorable. With graphic design, consumers can refresh their memories of the brand. So when they see a familiar image, they will remember your brand. It is by creating branding assets that will help solidify the brand identity that you are trying to build.

Give Your Brand a Professional Image

A professional image can do wonders in your quest for prolonged success. Not only will the best graphics make you above the competition, but they will also help create a strong persona that radiates to your customers. It gives your brand an air of authority, which will significantly improve your brand’s reputation.

Attract the Right Customers

Not everyone who sees your marketing campaigns can be your customers. However, you can use graphic design as an effective communication tool aimed directly at the right customers. Graphic design plays the role of a communicator, where you can send the right message and, together with other marketing strategies, make purchasing decisions more accessible for the customers.

Provide Customers with Concise Information

With so many platforms to introduce your business, you must ensure your target audience can see you clearly through the unnecessary clutter. Graphic design can help create visuals to make your message crisp and concise. You can simplify your words through compelling imagery that will convey your message non-overwhelmingly. Infographics, for example, are easier to digest rather than sharing a string of data. Aside from making it easier for customers to understand the information you send, it is also easier to share striking imagery on their social media.

Increase Sales/Achieve Goals

Incorporating striking imagery in your content elevates your value as a brand. You effectively grab the customers’ attention and encourage them to spread the information by sharing your visuals. This means you achieve higher visibility and reach that can translate to higher conversions. You can also use graphic design to influence their purchasing decisions by providing customers with uniquely designed products and content.

A marketer must have memorable marketing assets to help build a unique identity for the business. Only graphic design can do this. But more than the talent of graphic designers, did you know that even non-design folks can dabble in the creative world of design?

Graphic Design Tools and Their Importance

It is no secret that graphic design is an integral part of marketing. However, the creative process behind it is its most challenging aspect. Design creation is a resource-intensive task. You will need to think of fresh ideas to make better designs constantly. In addition, you have to consider different techniques in bringing your ideas to life.

Graphic Design Tools Importance

Fortunately, there are plenty of graphic design tools that make most design tasks much easier and faster. Graphic design software is also a more cost-effective option if you cannot afford to hire another designer for your team. These tools are so advanced that they help designers develop new skills, impress more clients, and consistently innovate with their designs.

Aside from the designers, the business industry also benefits from modern design tools. Some of the advantages of using these tools are:

Saves Money

The demand for good design is high, so you need to allocate a portion of your expenses to it. Hiring a professional to create new designs for your organization can be costly. A more cost-effective solution is to have a reliable set of graphic design tools that will aid your existing team when creating design work for your brand.

Saves Time

Time is gold, they say and this is because time is the only resource that you cannot simply buy. You cannot possibly work non-stop and the limits of the human body can severely affect the quality of the design output. With design tools like logo generator and t-shirt maker , the design team can afford to spend more quality time taking care of themselves. Instead of manually doing all the work, some of the tasks can be delegated to design software that will automate the design process.

Increases Productivity

Tools for graphic design are created to reduce the time spent creating designs. They are usually built with many functions to do a variety of tasks in less time. Design templates, for example, can be used to create designs faster. You only have to put minimal input to personalize the prefabricated designs, and you will have something customized to fit your branding in no time.

Produces High-Quality Visuals

These tools are designed by designers. You can expect them to help you produce the highest quality visuals. They are mostly intended to be user-friendly, too, which allows even the non-design community to be creative when using the tools.

Streamlines the Design Process

With graphic design tools, you can afford to work smarter but not necessarily harder. Many of the steps in the design process are repetitive and time-consuming. These tools will do those monotonous tasks so that you can work on more complicated stuff. This will help improve the overall efficiency of the workflow because you can focus on solving any issues that will come up. By automating the repeatable steps, you will have more time to improve other areas in your workflow that need attention.

Graphic Design Tools Tips

Graphic Design Tools to Speed Up Workflow

Now that you know how graphic design tools can help you, it is time to get to know some of the best software that professional graphic designers use to create stunning designs:


Graphic Design Tool Freepik

Looking for a one-stop shop for all your content creation needs? Freepik is a website created for one purpose. To make design easy and accessible for everyone. Whether it’s sourcing design assets such as stock images, videos, vector designs, and templates or using its variety of design features and AI tools, including an AI image generator or AI art generator,  Freepik will transform the way you create content for good, streamlining the creative process and aiding in generating engaging content for social media, blogs, websites and much more.



With hundreds of templates for illustrations, icons, and textures, you will never run out of fresh ideas for future design projects. Kittl is a highly-innovative tool with advanced features, such as advanced text editing, magic recoloring, and ready-to-use customizable design templates.


Removing image backgrounds is simple but a laborious process, especially if you are going to do it for hundreds of images per day. With Removal.AI, you will never have to waste a lot of time doing background removal. It is powered by AI technology that automates the whole process of removing image backgrounds. Aside from its background removal prowess, Removal.AI also comes with a built-in photo editor. You can further enhance the photos after background removal and also add a new background if you want.


Social media marketing is huge these days. Social media platforms are where most people are so you have to consider creating fabulous content for the users.  Renderforest is a great tool when you need a constant supply of good graphics for your social media posts. Its features are pretty straightforward so you will not have a difficult time learning how to create designs on it.


Illustrations are one of the top graphic styles that are used in modern marketing. Designstripe is the way to go if you are looking for a great resource to draw out inspiration for illustrations. With hundreds of templates to choose from, you will surely find the best one to start your design project with.


If you want unique images for your next design, check out Jasper.ai. This tool can produce high-resolution images based on user prompts. You can then use the generated images to improve your content.


Create stunning visual content even without a design background using Designs.ai. It is an easy-to-use online-based software that is packed with features that will help cut back the time spent brainstorming design ideas. Aside from the assistive design tools, it also has a brand identity package feature that allows you to create designs based on your brand information and preferences.


One of the most daunting steps in the design process is choosing the right colors for your design. Khroma is a nifty little tool that you can use to browse and compare color combinations. It uses AI technology to generate color combinations based on your color selections.


Even the most seasoned designers find it extra challenging to come up with unique designs every single time. So when you feel a little burned out, you can use Easil and its wonderful drag-and-drop editor to spice up your design. Choose from a wide selection of pre-made design templates so you never have to start your design from scratch. Use the brand kit feature to create branded designs in minutes, instead of hours.


If hiring a new designer is not an option, having Pixelied is the best thing you can do for your creative team. This tool is built with a full suite of image-editing tools that do not require a genius to figure out. With its huge templates library, you can choose a design to personalize using your brand colors and other branded elements.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe is a trusted brand for anything that concerns digital art and design. Adobe Illustrator is a powerful tool suited for those who are looking for an innovative way to elevate the quality of their graphic designs. It is quite an advanced tool but putting a lot of effort into learning how to use it will be worth it.


A creative mind is a designer’s most powerful tool. It can’t be denied, however, that being armed with the best graphic design tools is the only way to survive in this modern era of design. They are more than just an instrument to create superb designs as they bring many benefits to the table, specifically for those using design to promote a business. With a solid design workflow and the right tools, you can create stellar designs highlighting the message you want to send across.

Whether you are a graphic designer hoping to improve your skills or a business owner looking for an innovative method to produce marketing visuals, the right design software will help you achieve your goal in a shorter but smarter design process.

The range of what these tools can do allows the creative team to work smartly. By simplifying the creative workflow, you do less manual work and have more time to focus on the bigger picture. By exploring the capabilities of these graphic design tools, you can improve your ability to come up with a great design.

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