This consulting PPT template is the best choice for those who want to create a leading-edge presentation with no hassle. This slideshow implies 122 ready to run slides with diagrams, infographics, services, map slides, etc. Using the management consulting PowerPoint template you can create an engaging presentation without

Amazing Consulting PowerPoint Template

The main feature of this business consulting PPT template is pre-built content with mockups. Hence, you will need to update the default text blocks, add images and personalize graphs to turn the PowerPoint business plan template into a professional slideshow. The first two slides consist of a greeting block. These slides have similar content but different designs. Therefore, you’ll be able to choose a slide that meets your requirements.

Another feature that makes this consultant PowerPoint template the best in the niche is an engaging animation that helps to show a story's presentation. On the third slide, with the information about a company, the starting point appears. The storytelling line falls from this spot, leading the audience to the next slide.

Choose MotoCMS Consulting PowerPoint Template

The consulting proposal PowerPoint template implies a lot of original images that will make your presentation origin and help to deliver information more efficiently. The business model slide shows how a company works with the help of a curved line with checkpoints. The goals and objectives page engages viewers by the dartboard with a dart fly image. Moreover, each goal supplements with an icon. The PowerPoint template consulting foresees the ability to update all the figures according to your goals. The last three slides comprise the full pack of characters. Hence, you’ll be able to choose the most corresponding images and use them in your presentation.

The consulting PowerPoint template has three different pricing slides. Two of them include tables with pricing plans. The third one implies three paper folder covers that overlay each other. The PPT template consulting will help to show a particular application will look on different devices. For this reason, there are mockup images of both Android and Apple smartwatches, laptops, smartphones, and desktops. There are a lot of graphs like line, bar, column charts. Also, there are ready-to-use mountain, pie, hierarchy, circle, and map diagrams. The tree graph has the form of a growing three that helps to show the stages of

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  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or later
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