Japanese Restaurant Website Template Designed in Light Gray Tones

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Japanese Restaurant Website Template Designed in Light Gray Tones

Japanese cuisine is very diverse – rice bowls, sushi, noodles, soups etc. There are many dishes that can amaze people, so they go to specialized Japanese restaurants which are so widespread today. Every self-respected restaurant has a website with about information, menu entries, photo gallery of the place and its unique atmosphere. If you haven’t created a website yet then a deluxe one can be easily built on the base of this Japanese restaurant website template designed in light gray tones, so please take the initiative in its redesign!

The template has a tradition Japanese cherry tree image in its Header – it is a good start for a traditional sushi restaurant. The menu of the site is placed near the tree and is typed in a very elegant manner.

A light tone was chosen for the background of the site, which is a winning decision for unobtrusive design, though if you have a special color associated with your place – add it to this design with a MotoCMS panel embedded into the theme. We put this superior theme to your hands!

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  • PHP v. 5.4+, 5.5+, 5.6+
  • Zend Guard Loader
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