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April 21st, 2015   |   Posted by Helen Stark  in Advertising, Marketing

Brand advocates are those loyal customers who just love your products or services and are happy to share their knowledge of them with their friends and relatives. Learn the ways of engaging brand advocates and making them speak out for you.

April 16th, 2015   |   Posted by Lawrence Jones  in web design

The online craft revolution is unlikely to slow down, so you should better join the community of boutique website owners and sell your products online simply. Direct recommendations to creating a cool site are here in this post.

April 14th, 2015   |   Posted by Moto Editorial  in Project news, web design

Beautiful and easily customizable website templates are one of the top priorities of MotoCMS team. Our brand new, fully responsive website templates for MotoCMS 3.0 version will definitely catch your attention.

April 9th, 2015   |   Posted by Lawrence Jones  in web design

Beautiful images look best when they’re hosted on beautiful websites. Take a look at some of the cool photo portfolio trends of 2015 to take your website to the next level.

April 7th, 2015   |   Posted by Helen Stark  in web design

Backgrounds are perfect web design elements that attracts users’ attention and serve as additional element in storytelling. Full-screen video backgrounds are trendy today, but there’s a problem with them – on mobile screens they can lose their charms. What should we consider when we try to make a background truly responsive?

April 2nd, 2015   |   Posted by Moto Editorial  in MotoDigest

Our new MotoDigest is out! Get the latest info about newest and coolest web design features, tips, tools and tutorials. There is a lot of awesome free stuff for any web design project and well as inspirational posts to add some fresh air to your future designs.

March 31st, 2015   |   Posted by Helen Stark  in web design

Clearly defining all website elements’ function is vital for the site usability. Sometimes we can spot such issues even on the most creative and nice-looking websites. How to define your clickable objects to unambiguously show users what they should click and what they shouldn’t?

March 24th, 2015   |   Posted by Helen Stark  in web design

Lightbox is a type of modal windows that help displaying additional content in larger form. You can still spot some discussions about the convenience of lightbox use and its benefits for the UX. Let’s check out pros and cons of the lightbox design use.

March 19th, 2015   |   Posted by Moto Editorial  in Project news

The all-new free photo platform Defrozo is going to replace at least 5 services that modern photographers have to deal with while managing their workflow and business. This project deserves attention and your support.

March 17th, 2015   |   Posted by Moto Editorial  in MotoDigest

Usability of design and its comfort of use are the basic principles of web design today. Every designer and website owner should learn UX design peculiarities. A reputable blog is one of the best ways to do it. Here’s a roundup of 10 the most popular UX-related blogs.

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