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May 21st, 2015   |   Posted by Lawrence Jones  in web design

Building a website from scratch will cost you too much, so learn how to make it cheaper with MotoCMS. Instead of developing your site, concentrate on the most important thing: sharing your music with your fans.

May 19th, 2015   |   Posted by Helen Stark  in Marketing

New trends emerge every year. Such changes make a great impact on your marketing strategy. Here are the major marketing trends small businesses should definitely follow in 2015 to get success.

May 14th, 2015   |   Posted by Helen Stark  in web design

Single-page websites are one of top priorities for modern web design. Why are they so popular today? Learn more about this kind of designs, what are competitive advantages compared to multi-page websites and when you should better opt for traditional multi-page design.

May 12th, 2015   |   Posted by Lawrence Jones  in web design

Ensuring that your website is accessible is essential. It makes you reach all your audiences and it is a sign of a good web design etiquette. Let everyone enjoy your website!

May 7th, 2015   |   Posted by Moto Editorial  in MotoDigest

Our new blogs roundup takes a deep look at the most inspiring, useful and full of versatile content resources on web design and development. You should definitely follow and read all these blogs in 2015 (if you’re not doing it yet).

May 5th, 2015   |   Posted by Moto Editorial  in MotoDigest

Another collection of the latest and the most interesting articles on web design, development and UX is here to grab the most of your attention. Learn what trends and innovations will rule in web design in the nearest future and get some inspiration as well as free goodies for your next projects.

April 30th, 2015   |   Posted by Lawrence Jones  in web design

When choosing a design for your site it’s great to stay on trend, that is why we are looking at 5 most popular trends in real estate web design for 2015. Check out what’s new in the field and how to create a fabulous website design.

April 28th, 2015   |   Posted by Helen Stark  in Marketing, web design

Conversion centered design is a relatively new approach that focuses on making users perform action a website owner needs. In most cases it’s a purchase or some other commercial transaction. Here you will learn what design mistakes to avoid if you wish to get more conversions from your website.

April 21st, 2015   |   Posted by Helen Stark  in Advertising, Marketing

Brand advocates are those loyal customers who just love your products or services and are happy to share their knowledge of them with their friends and relatives. Learn the ways of engaging brand advocates and making them speak out for you.

April 16th, 2015   |   Posted by Lawrence Jones  in web design

The online craft revolution is unlikely to slow down, so you should better join the community of boutique website owners and sell your products online simply. Direct recommendations to creating a cool site are here in this post.

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