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Motorcycles Club Website Template

Some people have a stereotypical thought that bikers are dirty men dressed in leather jackets riding around the country making chaos everywhere. The truth is that the majority of bikers are hard-working and honest people, but not trouble-makers as it is said. They are usually organized in memberships of one-minders depending on the brand of their bikes or any other feature of their culture. One of these clubs may be presented on the Web by means of this motorcycles club website template.

The theme is realized in dark colors mainly, but the details and buttons are chromium-plated. Stylish typography and silver-golden tints look very well on this brownish layout.

The content part of this layout is divided into two horizontal parts. The upper one features a jQuery slider, while the lower section is changeable depending on the page which is browsed. Some pages include only text info, others just images like the gallery section, where the pictures are showcased impressively via a sliding strip of thumbnails.

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  • PHP v. 5.4+, 5.5+, 5.6+
  • Zend Guard Loader
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