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  • MotoCMS версия:
  • MotoCMS виджеты:
    Меню, горизонтальный разделитель, контейнер, ряд, Accordion, Progress Bar, Social Buttons, Countdown Timer, Disqus, Iframe, Embed widget, Google Map
  • Особенности:
    панель управления, Bootstrap, премиум качество, Responsive, визуальный редактор
  • Анимация:
  • Структура:
  • Установка:
    Установка и инструкции по настройке включены
  • Языковая поддержка:
    English, Русский, Deutsch, 日本語, Svenska, Italiano, Nederlands, Українська, Français, Polski, Español, Português (Brasil)
  • Дополнительные возможности:
    попапы, шрифты Google Web Fonts, Social Options, Background Options, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, дизайн пресетов
  • Контакт-формы:
    Форма обратной связи, Mailchimp
  • Кодинг:
    CSS 3, HTML 5, JQuery, LESS, AngularJS
  • Медиа:
    Добавление видео, Медиатека, Менеджер файлов, Аудио плеер, SoundCloud
  • Галереи:
    Слайдер, Grid, Карусель
  • Исходные материалы:
    Не включены

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Последние отзывы клиентов(22)

Daniel Bartoszak Verified buyer

Tolles CMS-System. Das CMS-System ist sehr einfach und übersichtlich aufgebaut!

Dominic Hill Verified buyer

Must have widgets. In this template I have found basic widgets like in all CMS templates, but in most CMS the code that I added didn't work. For some reasons, when I've added my code in embed widget, that code worked and I purchased this template in few hours. As a developer, I recommend this CMS.

John Lawrence Verified buyer

Perfect !!!. I've found this template on the home page with all templates and I see a naked girl:) It attracts me. I've found this template quite user-friendly in terms of editing. No unnecessary things that are evident! Good work from this team.

Muresind Verified buyer

Fantastic. The sales team hepled me to choose the template very quickly! The solution came promptly and smoothly and that's why I rate 5!

Clement Garrison Verified buyer

Professional team. Support agents from MotoCMS are the best support guys I've worked with. They helped me to understood how this CMS works in few messages. Also, their guides are very helpful, so I didn't have any issues in creating a website.

James Ovens Verified buyer

Well designed template. Designer of this template created something beautiful. It doesn't look like all templates. It has some features that attract me a lot. It is a best design for me, that I've ever seen. Maybe he (designer) have some tips on how to create something interesting?

Augustus Greene Verified buyer

CMS that was created for all. I work with MotoCMS template for a long time and never doubted them. This guys are professionals and they created a CMS for all. I think even grandma will understand how to work with it!! Is is a very big achievement for this team.

Steven Marsh Verified buyer

Wonderful !. To put a pretty girl on the homepage...this guys know how to attract clients;) Actually, the template also very good and I like it a lot.

Carry Arnold Verified buyer

Admin panel for all. I'm working as a software developer. I had searched a template for my customer's site's need so far. At least, I found this template. My client ask me for template with easy to use admin panel, so I have decided to use MotoCMS. Everything clear, good design of template, a lot of widgets (I also add my own with HTML widget), so I know that my client will advice your panel.

Markus G. Verified buyer

got it with photography bundle. The best all-in-one website withe great design and latest functionality. Got it with the photography bundle. recommend to all. The bundle saves your time a lot.

Brandon Roy Verified buyer

Something that you need to buy. My partner and I buy this template because developer told us, that it will be easy to use in future, once he finished our porject. We believed him and now we understand that he was right. If we need to change something, it don't take a lot of time, because everywhere we have tips how to make changes. Also, technical support always provide us good advices, so we can say - MotoCMS is the best solution for all who don't want to waste time on editing.

Alessandro D. Verified buyer

Defrozo. For the rest of my career I will remember this template, because it is the first website I made myself and I can't believe it looks spectacular. If you know nothing about how to create a website, motocms is for you. Defrozo with its admin panel made my dream come true. The tools inside the motocms admin panel are simple. You get the template and customize it free. the trial version made me buy this theme. you can try motocms with no charges.

Sara Verified buyer

trendy photography theme. When I first saw it I though like "woowww... this is it!".. For someone it's too much. But you don't have to like it, just deal with the fact that it strikes the eye. That's why I think the design is awesome. You can replace stock images with your photos and done. The website builder is easy to use and enjoy!

Tony Verified buyer

beautiful photography website. Defrozo is a new word in photography websites. Beautiful styling, amazing functionality of MotoCMS admin panel. It is so handy. The widgets are awesome. The process of creating your photography website with MotoCMS is like a simulator or a video game. if you can't figure out something, there is always the very friendly support team.

Sam B. Verified buyer

freedom of choice. MotoCMS gives photographers full freedom of choice. If you are not a web developer, it is even for the better. The system is too simple. Of course, you have to look around first, find out how works this or that widget or tool, but it's not a problem at all. The admin panel has an intuitive interface. Plus, you test everything FREE OF CHARGE. If you don't like it, move along. If you do, you lose nothing creating your website!

Jared Mullen Verified buyer

Super website builder. Making a website with this web theme was a mere thing. Got it launched with the help of the MotoCMS team. They transferred the files really fast. I know that I got the awesome product made by professionals. Thanks, Moto! The system works great. Work with my client and then add pics to a website in seconds via my lap top.

Becky Santiago Verified buyer

my favorite photography website from MotoCMS. It's not the first photography website I built with MotoCMS, but this one is my favorite. Spectacular design with blog, galleries, lots of pages you can change like you want...

Jane K. Verified buyer

awesome template. What a stunning design! It looks gorgeous! I love the editing process in the admin panel and got my portfolio launched so fast. MotOCMS is good for photographers who want to create a website with no web building background! Great!

Gus Verified buyer

Indepedence from coders. I like the fact I can edit my template any time with no help from programmers.

Nasir Verified buyer

good. Very sexy design. Admin panel is very useful. No blame. Satisfaction only. I can do myself the redesign and that is the reason why I like it.

Jorgen Verified buyer

because MotoCMS. I like Defrozo for blog, many layouts, peachy design, and simply because its MotoCMS. I work with the company for years and the admin panel becomes only better.

Travor Booker Verified buyer

Great CMS. Keep it up guys! Defrozo is the best template for phototogpher portfolio. I like to work with this CMS and it is easy, tips are everywhere so I don't need to open different guides and the most thing I like it's their support team - highly recommended!


  • PHP v. 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4
  • with MySQL database support
  • Zip Extension
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