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Guinea pigs are popular pets due to the use of caring for them and their docile nature. This animal web design with a rainbow-colored look is a web template for pet clubs, animal breeders or rescue organizations. The admin panel increases the number of applications of this theme and gives users a chance to redesign it according to their needs and taste. This template is carried out in many bright colors with the menu tabs colored in all rainbow tones, blue Header and Footer, and varicolored content sections. The homepage welcomes visitors with a nice picture of a cavy on a bright orange background with vivid typography on it. This animal web design includes many pages with well-defined layout structure and easy navigation. These are not the only benefits of this theme, check out other features within a free trial!


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  • PHP v. 5.4+, 5.5+, 5.6+
  • Zend Guard Loader

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