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Hair Treatment Website Template

Everyone loses hair – it is normal, but only when it is 50-100 hairs per day. The loss of more hairs speaks about hair loss, that should be treated. Professional doctors know how to solve this and many other problems with hair health. If you are one of this specialists, then we have created this hair treatment website template for you.

This simple layout has a zoning effect achieved very successfully – the page space breaks down into accurate sections (or zones) in order to make a webpage organized. In some cases, as on the home page, zones are highlighted with colors, but also this effect is achieved with visual columns.

The color gamut of the template is exclusively health associated – white and blue. This magnetic and symbolic combination of tones has a fabulous look.

A top aligned menu with a drop-down part is a navigation provider for this platform, and be sure it won’t let you down but move users from page to page easily.

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  • PHP v. 5.4+, 5.5+, 5.6+
  • Zend Guard Loader
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