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Papervision 3D Flash Gallery

November 11th, 2008   |   Posted by Admin  in Flash Galleries

Using a simple example I’d like to show you main principle of working with Papervision 3D and tell you the truth of it’s power and strength. In my previous posts you’ve seen tons of awesome flash galleries using 3D effects. So I created awesome simple papervision gallery which is using XML file as an images database in this case in 3D! I hope you’ll find this flash gallery interesting.

Papervision3D Gallery Preview

I’ll try to do my best and write detailed tutorial in few days to help you study the papervision gallery code.

Papervision3d Gallery Code

P.S. you could say that code is still raw and features still to be realized (like progress bars for images, image names, navigation bar). I’d like to let you know that it’s just the beginning sooner or later I’ll make a full functional 3D Flash Gallery and share it with you. I’m all open for your spam comments and ideas.

Download Papervision3d Gallery Source

P.S.S. as i’ve told you here is a papervision gallery tutorial.

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