Creating a Pet and Veterinary Website – Useful Tips

MotoCMS Editorial 4 June, 2014

Whether you’re a pet lover or run a veterinary service offering treatment and care services to pet owners, the worldwide web can be a great tool to help you connect with other pet lovers as well as offer much-needed services in and around your community. Having a pet website can boost your visibility, bringing you clients or open you up to other pet lovers which will in turn boost your bottom line and appreciation for all things pets.

How MotoCMS Can Help

A pet website may seem like a daunting affair. However, MotoCMS makes it possible for anyone to create a website effortlessly without having to worry about the intricacies of website building or difficult coding concepts. Our animals website templates with veterinary website builder come readymade, and all you have to do is tweak a few things in order to create the website of your dreams.

Offer Real World Solutions to Prospective Clients and Visitors

There are a few things you need to pay attention to if you’re looking to create a pet website. To begin with, it’s important to know that people usually go online not to look for websites, but to search for answers to common problems. To this end, your website must be seen to offer solutions to these problems in a non-marketing way. For example, common pet terms that people usually search for would have to be things like vomiting, flea infestation and animal aggression. In these cases, your website should offer solutions to these problems by giving people access to content targeting these common predicaments that most pet owners face.

Web Template with jQuery Slider for Dog Breeding

The Role of Content and SEO

SEO, also known as search engine optimization should feature highly on your list when you’re looking to create your website. SEO simply means writing content while using a specific set of keywords that people are inputting into the Google search bar to rank highly in the Google search algorithms. High rankings leads to better visibility, which in turn gives you access to thousands of web users who can then contact you for your expertise or services that you offer. SEO goes hand in hand with great content; make sure that the content on your website is helpful, impactful and carries a conversational tone so that people are motivated to act by contacting you or subscribing to your content updates.

Web template for Dog Breeders

Consistency in Design

Another thing that pet websites need to focus on has to be consistency. It’s important to have a uniform message because this fosters trust between your followers or clients and your business. One of the ways you can do this is by simplifying the use of color on your website. Instead of going for four different colors, you can choose 2 colors which effectively communicate your vision. This will give you that defining characteristic that sets businesses or experts apart, making your website instantly recognizable. At the same time, limit the use of different multimedia elements such as flash and copious amounts of videos. These tactics are usually employed by seedy websites which are not trusted by people. The idea here is to KISS – keep it simple and sweet.

Cats Website Design

Make Your Website Easily Navigable

Another tactic you can use on your pet website is to have a clear menu and navigation button to make it easy for people to go through your site and find the information that they need. For example, if you run a veterinary business, you may have a lot of information regarding the different services you offer given the varied types of animals you treat. This means that you may need a couple of pages to communicate this, and there’s nothing that works as well as a website with a navigation menu when it comes to doing this. On top of that, you can add a search bar at the top of the website which makes it easy for prospective clients to find what they’re looking for without spending too much time exploring your website.

Websiet Design for Pet Sitting

Add Tasteful Images

Don’t forget to add clear images of what it is that you do in your practice to give your clients a clear idea of what they can expect. However, please steer clear of gory and graphic pictures showing the intricacies of these procedures since they can be off-putting.

Web Template for Veterinary

Include an Email Newsletter Signup Option

You can also add a newsletter signup box on your homepage where your clients can sign up for regular updates. This will enable you to build up an email list that you can use for marketing purposes with the option of opting out for those who may not be interested in such a thing.

Choose MotoCMS Today!

A website can be an incredibly useful tool in your marketing and visibility efforts. With more and more people using the worldwide web to look for information about raising and taking care of animals, you can never go wrong with MotoCMS range of pet and animal websites for your practice. Please sign up for your free trial of any template you wish, and check out our massive 50 percent discount on select templates. Thanks for choosing MotoCMS!

Website Template for Horse Breeding

Charity Website Template with Background Images

Animal Charity Web Template


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