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MotoCMS Customization Services: Now Available

Tina Zennand 26 January, 2011

Hi everyone,

Today we’ve got excellent news for you! For the convenience of our customers, MotoCMS now provides professional customization services. From now on, if you wish to extend your Flash CMS capabilities, modernize your template, customize it according to the future Flash CMS website requirements and your personal wishes, you can turn to us! Our Moto CMS professional developers will be happy to help you make your Moto CMS website really outstanding.

The following template customization services are available:

  • Adding new modules, widgets and slots to your Flash CMS template;
  • Modernization of the built-in Moto CMS modules, widgets and slots;
  • Creating custom modules, widgets and slots from the scratch;
  • Any other customization works according to the customer’s Flash website requirements and personal wishes.


Submitting a request for a Flash CMS template customization:

In order to make a template customization order, you need to submit a request at support.motocms.com. Please fill in all the fields carefully and try to describe the customization requirements as fully as possible.

  • Your e-mail address (please fill in the e-mail that you entered when purchasing the template);
  • Request type (for a template customization request please select the “Template tuning” category from the list);
  • Subject (the subject should fully reflect the nature of your request, for example: “Template customization request”);
  • Description (you should enter the details of your request here. When describing your preferences as for the template customization, please be as precise as possible);
  • Website URL (enter the URL of the website where the template is uploaded);
  • Website FTP details (specify your FTP details: FTP hostname, username and password);
  • Flash CMS control panel login and password (if you have already set up the control panel, please enter the details here);
  • Attachments (please send us all the content you would like to be included or used by our developers: images, texts, page samples, and other details that might be useful).

Please note, the more details you provide in the request, the faster and better the result will be.

Samples of customization requests:

Original Template

Duration: 2 business days;
Price: agreed upon;
Job description:
– to provide the ability to add descriptions to images in order them to display on the website;
– to provide the ability to link images to other website pages and pop-ups;
Original template: 31725.

Original Template

Duration: 2 business days;
Price: agreed upon;
Job description:
– to embed a slot that allows to add tooltips to website elements (image or text tooltips);
Original template: 31345.

Original Template

Duration: 6 business days;
Price: agreed upon;
Job description:
– to embed a video gallery in the template (the same one as in the template # 29755);
– to embed a slot that allows the user to add screenshot tooltips to menu buttons (when hovering a cursor over a menu button, a visitor sees a screenshot of the page the button links to);
Original template: 31337.

Original Template

Duration: 1 business day;
Price: agreed upon;
Job description:
– to embed a drop down menu in the template (the same one as in the template # 32022);
Original template: 31483.

After we receive your request, our support specialists will contact you in order to finally agree about the scope of work, its duration, and also inform you as for the cost of customization works. You will be asked to make a 100% prepayment for the customization services. The work will be complete on time (in some cases, even earlier). All the information is kept in strict confidence. Please feel free to contact us and ask any questions regarding customization services.

Tell YOUR story with a custom-made Flash website! Hire a MotoCMS Pro now!

Author: Tina Zennand
Tina is a writer who has been working with MotoCMS since early 2010. In her articles she covers various aspects of web design and web development. She is also a marketing guru for MotoCMS websites. You can follow her on Twitter.
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  • Damien

    Can i have an update on my support query please,

    i read the above and i would be likely to want additional changes on my template but i need a response to the install issues so i can get going !!! I sent an initial ticket 42 hrs ago !!
    A great product but i can’t be waiting like this !

  • Hi,

    Can you provide some clarity around what it is you can actually offer as far as customisations? For example, could you build a new module for a simple paypal shop or a module to let users drag and drop monster body parts to create a unique caharacter that could then be shared on facebook or exported as a jpg. Could you improve the online form options to include checkboxes, radio buttons and drop down list selections? Im after all of the above for my site and if you can build these (awesome) if not is there any developers out there that can assist?

    Cheers – Gavin

    • @Gavin Macleod
      Moto CMS provides any customization works according to the customer’s Flash website requirements and personal wishes. In order to specify the details of the customization works and get answers to your questions, you can always address our support specialists by submitting a request in our HELP section.

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