How to Make a Wedding Website: Four Steps to Success

MotoCMS Editorial 17 March, 2017

Everything should be perfect on the wedding day. At least, this is what most of the people believe while starting the preparations for the big day. Thus, high expectations and desire to spend money usually go hand in hand with weddings. If you have ever attended a wedding or planned your own one, then probably you have a few ideas about how to make it all work better.

How to make a wedding website - main

Why not start making your dreams come true today? It is a lot easier than you think if you know how to make a wedding website with wedding website templates. Just follow your intuition and our steps to build a successful business in the wedding industry!

How to Make a Wedding Website: Four Steps to Success

These are simple things you might consider when starting a wedding website. These tips will work for any business connected with the wedding industry. It does not matter if you want to launch a wedding photographer website, a website for wedding catering, or even an online shop for wedding clothes. Just try to do the following:

  • Step 1. Factor visuality in your website;
  • Step 2. Guarantee the reduced level of stress for prospective customers;
  • Step 3. Boast your experience;
  • Step 4. Push the boundaries.

Let’s try to see what is meant by these steps and how you can apply them to your future wedding website.

Step 1. Factor Visuality in Your Website

The more visual aids of high quality your website contains, the faster your wedding business is going to take off. As you know, visual stimuli belong to the strongest ones. That is why people, in general, and the future brides, in particular, are so demanding about the photos they see on the wedding website. That goes without saying that you need to hire a top photographer to help you with the photos for the website.

How to make a wedding website - jewerly

You may even consult several photographers before choosing the one. If your business is relatively young, then it makes sense to minimize your inputs. You can do this by opting for a MotoCMS template. Every MotoCMS template already includes stock photos of the high quality.

How to make a wedding website - wedding planner

One more important thing to consider is that when we say visuality, we do not mean just photos. The color palette is also a very important factor when it comes to wedding websites. MotoCMS is proud to present its powerful Color Picker – a great tool in our website builder that has a truly fascinating potential.

How to make a wedding website - color picker

The main idea of the Color Picker is that you can work out the color palette for the whole website just by choosing the 5 dominant colors. These colors will be automatically applied to all the pages of your wedding website. The best part is that you can change the color palette yourself at any given time! So why not experiment with this gorgeous purple wedding website theme?

Step 2. Guarantee the Reduced Level of Stress for Prospective Customers

You can easily guess how stressed and exhausted people are when planning a wedding. That is why it is your task to attract them with the fresh and clear approach. There are several ways you can master it on your website.

How to make a wedding website - cakes

Firstly, make simple things even easier. If your prospective customers want to book wedding services, make sure they know how to do it. Provide all your contact information including phone number, use the Google maps, and make the most of your contact form.

How to make a wedding website - form

With MotoCMS 3 templates, your customers always know where to find you. React quickly. Be respectful. Check out how you can edit a contact form to this exquisite Wedding Website Design with Blog! Just find it on the layout or drag the widget from the list and drop it to the place you need.

How to make a wedding website - contact form

Secondly, provide all the necessary information about your services. The handy pre-built services page will save you lots of time! On this page, you can give as many details as you want concerning your featured services, special offers, the delivery process etc. 

How to make a wedding website - services

Be concrete about what you offer and what lies beyond your area of expertise. Check out this web design for a wedding agency site contains everything one needs to start a successful wedding catering business.

How to make a wedding website - agency

Step 3. Boast Your Experience

When launching your wedding website, forget about modesty. Make sure that your prospective customers know who they are dealing with. There is nothing wrong about asking your clients to write a review about your services or share your content on the social media. With the social media widgets that MotoCMS has developed, sharing gets much more enjoyable!

How to make a wedding website - social media
Another way to attract clients is to post all the formal evidence of your qualification. It can be your certificates, diplomas, or licenses. People should trust you if you want to be a part of their wedding. 
One more way to stand out in the wedding market is to highlight your business in numbers. This is already realized in the Personalized Wedding Website for wedding DJs.

How to make a wedding website - dj

Step 4. Push the Boundaries

It is always important to remember that a business has to evolve. It means that you, as an owner of the wedding website, have to be aware of all the latest trends in the wedding industry. In practice, it means that you should be able to create and (more importantly) edit your website.

In fact, your task is to develop the general concept of the final product. The rest will be taken care of by the Website Creator from MotoCMSTest our Drag-and-Drop Editor out in this elegant Single-Page Design for Bridal Website to start creating your online business free of charge.


Don’t be shy to make a wedding website yourself with any bridal web theme from MotoCMS. Just visit our collection and choose the future of your wedding business to launch it for a free trial period! It requires neither special skills nor credit card information. 

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