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How to Make a Hotel’s Website: Tips for Hospitality Business

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MotoCMS Editorial 13 February, 2017

A hotel website is a vital part of the establishment’s marketing efforts. In fact, more and more people are going online to place their reservations before going on holiday. Gone are the days when people would pick up the phone and book a room; the online arena has exploded with possibilities thanks to the proliferation of gadgets which allow everyone to go online. In this article, we will show you how to make a hotel’s website that matters.

How to Pich the Best Hotel Web Design

How to Make a Hotel’s Website

However, just having an online presence isn’t enough. People are looking to be wowed and enticed into choosing your hotel accommodation, and this usually starts within the first few seconds that they access your website. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the design basics which can learn how to make a hotel website with original design and well-structured layout using various hotels website templates.

What’s Your Objective and Premise?

A hotel website should be able to communicate its selling point and theme within the first few seconds. By ensuring that you have a clearly defined objective, you’ll be able to give prospective clients this information without being ambiguous. On your homepage, you should ensure that your clients are able to book their rooms without having to navigate through mountains of pages.

At the same time, you need to display your contact number prominently in case they want to reach you if they have questions or problems regarding booking. Part of having a clear premise includes keeping content to a minimum. Spell out how many rooms are available along with their corresponding prices, and use clean lines and eye-catching colors for places where clients will be entering their information as they make their booking. Failure to do this will frustrate a prospective client, and you will lose out on their business. By keeping it simple, you’ll be able to realize much higher conversion rates leading to bigger profits for your hotel.

Image Use Guide

Using large, attractive and clear images can also display a level of sophistication and exclusivity. The hotel industry is all about image, so make sure to play to your strengths as far as hotel images are concerned. You might be tempted to use hotel images which include images of guests using your various amenities. This may work for small-time boutique hotels and hostels targeting a different clientele. However, the rule of thumb should be that you need to use images which portray your facilities without the obligatory guest images. This will help you highlight various attributes in a more neutral space.

Additionally, ensure that you have adequate lighting in these images in order to convey a certain level of emotional impact. You can also use images which give a good perception of space. Hotel guests are drawn to spacious rooms and spaces. This subliminally implies the idea of freedom, making them wanting to book with you. Lastly, you can have a few shots focusing in on their finer details of your hotel experience. A great example here would be having photos which zoom in on cutlery to give an idea of what guests can expect with regards to their dining experience.

Hotel Website Responsiveness

Your hotel website also needs to be responsive. These days, people are using mobile devices more compared to their laptops to access websites. That being said, it’s important that you make sure that your website can be accessed via different devices in a seamless manner. If your website doesn’t have this kind of functionality, you can have a separate mobile website. It can look the same as the main website or differ from it in some details. Thus your business will be easily accessible for people who enter your site from mobile devices or tablets.

If you decide to use a MotoCMS hotel website template you’ll get a flexible mobile version within the main theme. After completing your MotoCMS-based website it won’t take much time to launch its mobile version, so in a few hours you’ll be ready to welcome mobile users.

Faster Loading Times

Invest in a hotel website which has faster loading times. This is because people looking through your website don’t have the time to wait for a website to load. One of the ways you can ensure that your website loads fast would be to minimize flash elements and only use them within pages which don’t hold vital information. Additionally, you can keep content to a minimum and cut down on the number of pages available on your website. Google’s algorithms have added speed to their criteria for high ranking websites, so please ensure that your hotel website loads in just a few seconds if you want to gain better visibility in search rankings as well as slash your website bounce rates.

Extra Tips

Other vital tips for hotel website design include using simple fonts such as Geneva, Verdana and Arial for your website’s content. Using white space liberally can also enhance the overall outlook of your website, and using colors which evoke a strong emotional reaction for booking pages can mean a world of difference when it comes to increasing conversion rates for your hotel website.

Let MotoCMS Help You Today!

MotoCMS has a variety of website templates which espouse the basics listed in this post. Thanks for choosing our website builder, and here’s to a beautiful hotel website courtesy of us.

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