Moto CMS is organized in the way that search engines perfectly index your website content. The websites built with MotoCMS are easily indexed by search engines and you may optimize every little bit of your website to make it all look perfect in terms of SEO.

Due to the convenient control panel integrated into each web template, you can easily optimize your website for search engines without getting into coding. You will be able to write the page title, improve the structure of your URLs, add the "Description" meta tags and even the meta keywords, use the "nofollow" or "noindex" attributes, etc.


You can easily integrate Google Analytics and Google Webmasters tools in order to evaluate your website productivity and see how search engines interact with your website. Due to the advanced SEO & Analytics tools integrated into each template, you will add the Google SEO tools in a matter of minutes, right within your control panel.

Moreover, you have an ability to generate a sitemap for your website that will display its structure. The sitemap itself is an xml file that is stored on your server. Although the sitemap is aimed at human visitors, it provides a good crawl coverage of your website pages that is really good for SEO.

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Each MotoCMS template is equipped with a set of advanced components and widgets that make your work with the website simple and pleasant. Due to the mostly intuitive MotoCMS control panel, even a person with no programming skills or experience can easily find a way around and modify the website in the blink of an eye. The templates powered by MotoCMS open the widest opportunities for professional programmers, designers, amateurs and all those who would like to create a professional catchy website design for own web project.
Manage with ease

MotoCMS templates are easy to use and manage for either an advanced developer or a newbie. The end user can set up and maintain the website with no additional programming knowledge and skill in coding. Our intuitive interface offers a set of options that are easy to understand for any Internet user. Still in doubt? Check it out!

Adding content in a blink

WYSIWYG Editor (What You See Is What You Get) is a great tool for the users of all levels and skills. Now you manage your website with ease and joy. You add and format the text as in a regular Word document - change the font, color schemes, text areas or its directions, drag or transform the items. Our controls and tools let you be creative and fast.

Wide opportunities

Our content management system gives you full freedom to have as many pages as you want. You may create pages and pages of content or add pop-ups to your website even when the website is up and running. Add, re-link or remove any page with one click.

SEO as you go with Moto CMS

Optimizing your website for major search engines is not a challenge anymore. We give you more than you expect. On top of a perfect indexation, you can optimize your Moto CMS website right from your control panel without digging into the code. SEO-friendly URLs, page parameters and the possibility to integrate Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools - and that's not even a complete list of MotoCMS SEO features!

As simple as ABC

Our website templates are simple to set up and manage. Forget the times when web designers could only replace an image or add the tiny bit of text. With MotoCMS based websites customization and maintenance turns into a fascinating game and you are being a hands-down winner indeed!

All-in-one ultimate solution

We do remember that this is a business after all. By purchasing our product, you get all necessary components required for a fully functional website setup and maintenance. Moto CMS templates include a vast amount of standard components and the ability to embed additional widgets in your website. No more headaches with never-ending fixes and updates - just take care of your business while MotoCMS system takes care of the website!

Media Library

Moto CMS team is proud to present a new built-in Media Library with effective means of uploading images and embedding videos to your website. Web is more visual and media-oriented than it has ever been, MotoCMS templates are perfectly optimized for this trend.

«Under construction»and «404» page

You have an option to close your website during the maintenance work. Instead of a standard banner, you get an opportunity to create a custom «Under Construction» page adding your own images, announcements, scripts, etc. Add a unique «404» page breaking worn-off standards with the Moto CMS tools.

Break the language barriers

Moto CMS is one of the first fully featured systems that welcomes people from various countries. You are welcome to switch your control panel to one of 15 languages available. This list is being updated constantly. We plan to add 5 more languages in the nearest future!

The variety of fonts

In Flash version of the CMS there's a built-in online Font Creator which is a unique Moto CMS widget. In MotoCMS HTML version things are even easier - you may use any font that on Google Web fonts list.

Safety comes first

MotoCMS assigns a high priority to the safety of your website. The control panel is login protected. We ensure your website's content, information and functionally stay safe and web attacks proof. The security of your MotoCMS website is a responsibility that MotoCMS takes seriously.

High-End Image Editor

A built-in Moto CMS Image Editor lets you modify the images uploaded to the Media Library without additional software. You may resize, crop, reflect, flip or rotate your images right from within the control panel. Use various tools and controls to add effects, adjust brightness, saturation color and contrast and more. «Undo» and «Redo» commands help you to reach the best results here. Be creative with Moto CMS.


Each template is equipped with the set of built-in components that are basically everything you need for successful work:
Menu Widget The Menu Widget allows you to create original and cascading menus of different functionality: automatic disappearance, drop-down sub-menus appearance while clicking on menu items or hovering the mouse pointer over them, etc. The type of the menu depends on the MotoCMS template and can be customized in a matter of minutes. This convenient widget can be enabled or disabled within the control panel.
Image Slider This innovative widget was specifically created for making the website content more visual and fun to look at. With this widget embedded into each template, you can keep your website visitors engaged with the website content and display the highly important featured information to them in a spectacular way.
Rich Content Widget If you are planning to add a large quantity of content to your website, the Rich Content Widget provides the best opportunities for presenting the content in separate blocks. It automatically resizes horizontally, vertically or in both directions simultaneously. You have an ability to put the content of the Rich Content Widget into a separate file, what reduces the website loading time and makes it possible to create a great number of pages.
HTML Widget This useful widget allows you to paste any HTML code over your website pages. Google applications, YouTube videos, Twitter feeds, Comment fields, etc. can now be displayed on your website - simply by embedding them through the admin panel. It is also possible to use javascript, CSS styles and any standard HTML tags.
Advanced Contact Form This advanced widget allows you to create and then manage any form within your MotoCMS website. Due to the richest set of options, it couldn't be any easier to create a contact form, a registration form, etc. for your website. You can select textfields color, text format, fields color, submit and reset button labels, change the form size, etc. The Advanced Contact Form widget is a standard component that is included in the template package.
Media Player Widget Available in Flash version of MotoCMS templates, the advanced Media Player Widget plays SWF, FLV files as well as YouTube videos. Simply place the Media Player Widget to any part of your website by dragging the object on the scene, set the parameters of the widget itself (media type, buffer time, scaling, alignment, etc.) as well as the widget parameters of color, size, rotation angle and alpha.
Gallery Widgets Each MotoCMS template contains several gallery options that you may use to display sets of images in a way and style that you think is appropriate for your case. There is a mirror gallery, carousel gallery, grid gallery and sliding gallery options already on board - just pick the one you want to use right now and you're almost done! This feature is awesome not only for photographers, but for every oter business as well.
Google Maps The Google Maps widget is created on the basis of the Google Maps API, a widely used web application development interface that allows you to integrate Google Maps into your website. Due to this advanced component, it is possible to integrate a map into your website and provide your visitors with clickable interactive map. Just add the map to the stage and configure it according to your website requirements.
RSS Reader This convenient widget allows Moto CMS users to set the RSS Feed within their websites and provide the subscribers with the freshest project related news. You can place the RSS icon at any part of your website and set the parameters of your RSS Feed: specify orientation (vertical or horizontal), number of visible blocks, channel settings, arrows settings, add animation effects, and so on.
Share Button Widget The Share Button Widget makes it very easy to publish messages from your website using your personal social media accounts. It can be a powerful promotional tool. You can now share your website pages over the most popular social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc. Moreover, there is an opportunity to supplement messages with your comments.
Background Widget This advanced widget makes it possible to place images, icons, etc. over the website background or change its color. It couldn't be any easier to create a unique, stylish and memorable background for your website within the control panel. The "Image Scaling Mode" function within the widget properties allows you to set the necessary parameters, and the content "Placement" button allows you to place background images under all or separate objects.
Buy Now Button Widget This long-awaited widget has been created for those Moto website owners who sell goods or services from their CMS-based websites. All you have to do is to set the necessary parameters within the widget properties: fill in the product info, set the button style and specify the payment settings. You may either to that with a Buy Now button or just add a PayPal payment button which is easier to set up.
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