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Web design trends come and go. If you’re a regular internet user, you’ll notice that there are some common and popular trends which currently rule the roost. This post will look at some of the prevailing trends when it comes to photography website design.

Color psychology plays a huge role when it comes to website marketing as well as attracting and retaining the audience that you want. We all have different preferences when it comes to color. However, there are universal color constructs which apply to the whole of humanity.

Websites have been around for about more than 2 decades. In order to accurately predict the future of the internet and websites, we need to look at the beginning and see how things have evolved over time…

It’s no more a secret that women perceive colors differently than men. Well, women perceive designs a bit differently too. Keeping in mind the vitality of the female population to the present day, it is essential for online marketers brands to choose their web designs wisely.

Real estate is a competitive market, and a user-friendly website is one of the various obvious media to beat competition. In fact, real estate buyers make it a point to first scan through properties on the internet, shortlist a few and then go ahead for a visit. There are certain important things that need to be paid attention to, while choosing a template for a real estate website or while designing one from the scratch.

Every color has a significance and an effect at the psychological level. The colors that are being used in the adorning of any particular website also determine its acceptance across cultures. Colors need to be chosen depending on what kind of message needs to be communicated. We dedicate this write-up to the color combinations that stand best for medical websites and why.

Typefaces have become an immensely important part of every design piece. Words are an absolute necessity for things to have a clear meaning and make sense. But more important is how exactly are those words being shown on the screen. Here are a few things that you may want to know about typefaces and their profound significance in the design world.

With every passing year, website designs are getting more posh, polished and chiseled. When the visual supply is getting better and better, the global audience is becoming sharper and more demanding as far as visual perfection is concerned. Today we are talking about some of the core elements that determine the visual impact of websites.

While the ‘Black and White’ concept has possibly been the oldest design trend that history has witnessed, this movement is still kicking, all in a new style and flaunting a stark attitude. The magic of black and white never gets monotonous. So, what factors make this ‘Good and Bad’ combination so immortal? Let’s find out.

As the general audience is growing more sensitive towards the look and feel of websites, it is becoming all the more important for web templates to stay in fashion and fulfill the hunger for a visual treat. Templates, as such have to follow a cycle of dissolving and evolving. 2014 will also view the evolution of many such template designs. Let’s view a few of them.

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