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In this post you will find the answers on such questions as what a mobile eCommerce website is, why you need and how to design one, how to measure the conversion success, and more. We give you not just facts but practical tips, too.

Check out our top picks from the SEO company website templates. These templates have well-arranged content structure, neutral color schemes and they are equipped with a bunch of useful functional features.

Blame it on their busy work schedule or crazy lifestyle, web designers often neglect the most essential things while designing own websites. This post will make everything clear on how to make a designer’s website engaging and trustworthy.

Is your product going live shortly? You need to think about its promotion long before you publish a website. Coming Soon page serves for this purpose effectively, but if you design it properly. Read this article to know the magic ingredients of a powerful coming soon design!

Sometimes it’s hard to decide which design to choose among a variety of available for download web themes. Let’s get an overview of successful use of consulting templates. We have many designs of this kind, so you won’t feel a lack of good examples.

Psychology has a great impact on web design and it should be considered as a big part of building your brand identity and trustful relations with users. By adopting the basic psychological principles on a website, you change the way visitors utilize it.

Would you like your conversion rates soar? This post gives you five major principles of how to develop a conversion oriented design. The article includes examples and practical tips, so that it becomes very simple to gain conversion improvement on any website.

Pet websites are created for business, if you are a breeder, or for fun, if you are going to build a pet lovers club. It is important to create this kind of websites in a right way and this post is going to throw the light on how to do it.

Educational institutions can use websites to attract new students and communicate information to existing students and their parents. Website is an effective tool, and in this post you will find useful tips to design it in the best possible way.

Medical industry grows fast and you need to apply efforts for making your business successful. In this post, you will find the most essential components that a good medical website needs to have. It will help you to avoid mistakes and design a perfect web project.

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